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Wear red and stand with Scuderia Ferrari clubs to show your support for Michael Schumacher, Happy Birthday Schumi

While everyone is hopeful the world over, and awaiting further development, in these difficult days and on the occasion of his birthday 3rd January, SCUDERIA FERRARI CLUBS want to show their support for MICHAEL SCHUMACHER. As such, a silent and respectful event has been organised where all who attend will wear Red at the Grenoble University Hospital Center.

As we hope that better news will come soon, alongside the SFC event at Grenoble, Ferrari will run a special tribute to Michael here. Michael Schumacher, 7 time F1 champion, injured in a skiing accident has been fighting for his life at Grenoble hospital since the start of this week where doctors have mentioned that his condition is stable but still critical.

In the meanwhile, photographs of  blood on rocks and snow indicate where Michael Schumacher smashed his head. Investigations at the accident site reveal four rocks into which Schumacher crashed after he lost control. According to paramedics, the racing champion struck his head while skiing off-piste in the French Alpine resort in Méribel. The ace racer lost control of his skis after striking a boulder after which he slammed into three other rocks leaving bloodstains on each of these which left him with life threatening brain injuries. The impact on the rocks was so great that even his helmet was cracked into two.

Mountain police at Bourg-St-Maurice are in the process of conducting an inquiry into the accident and investigating the circumstances which led to the crash while photographs depict the exact spot where the 44 year old champion met with this crash. Schumacher, whose 45th birthday is today is in a medically induced coma so as to reduce swelling on his brain while he is being treated for multiple lesions, haematoma and bruising to the brain.

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