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Still not wearing seatbelt? Watch this video to see how seatbelt saves lives during accident

Sleeping passengers were jolted out of their slumber when the bus in which they were travelling rolled over after it was hit by a car. The incident happened on a highway in central China’s Zhuzhou City. CCTV footage of the interiors of the bus clearly showed the sleeping passengers and the chaos inside the bus after the impact. Only one female passenger was injured as this one traveler did not fasten her seat belt.

The accident occurred at around 1.55 pm at Central China’s Zhuzhou City. The bus was travelling at a good speed along the highway when a white car, travelling in the same direction, came and crashed into the side of the bus. Even as the bus driver tried to swerve to avoid the car, the bus turned causing utter chaos among passengers. Watch the video below

Most of the passengers were asleep at the time and were jolted out of their sleep due to the impact. Fortunately each of the passengers except one lady traveler in white was wearing their respective seat belt. This helped to reduce the number of injuries as they were firmly attached to their seats. Only the lady who was not wearing seat belt, received injuries.

Can we imagine the number of dead or injured if this accident had to occur on Indian streets? Commuters in India blatantly ignore safety precautions while travelling. Most of our buses are not fitted with seatbelts, but even if some are fitted, most travelers choose to ignore as they say it is uncomfortable.

Travelers in India should learn a vital lesson from this accident. We see a large number of accidents on our streets on a daily basis and a survey conducted by the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry shows that road accidents claim 17 lives each hour in the country. Make wearing seatbelt a habit.

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