Sebastian Vettel in an Ambulance races against a paramedic in a Ferrari – Video

Shell, one of Ferrari’s primary sponsors, is known for taking full advantage of Sebastian Vettel’s stardom in their out of the box promotional videos. Last time, they made Seb play the role of a fuel station attendant and it was a massive hit among fans.

In its latest promotional video, Shell pitted the four-time F1 champion against Alex Knapton, a highly experienced paramedic who has responded to over 1,300 emergency calls so far in his career.

The venue was a makeshift circuit and just to keep things fair, the ambulance driver was put in a Ferrari 488 GTB supercar and Sebastian Vettel was made to race against his opponent in an Ambulance! Before they went out on the track separately to set a timed lap, the two professional drivers exchanged tips on how to handle each other’s steeds.

Who do u think will take the victory? Even though Vettel had a huge power deficit and weight disadvantage compared to the paramedic who was driving the 488 GTB, the F1 champ managed to win the race with a time difference of 7 seconds. That says a lot about the German’s race sense.

Sebastian Vettel Ambulance race vs Ferrari (1)
Even though Sebastian Vettel was driving an Ambulance, he was 7 seconds quicker than the Paramedic.

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Anyway, the whole point of the promotional video is to convey the fact that Shell’s regular commercial fuel and the one which it supplies to Ferrari F1 team have 99% common compounds.

Ferrari 488 GTB – Photos

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