Is Kung Fu Vettel behind Vettel’s poor show in China?

Earlier today at the 2012 Formula 1 Chinese Grand Prix qualifying, Vettel shocked almost every one when he failed to qualify for Q3. Sebastian Vettel, earlier this week was in news for shooting a mini film in China. He is to be seen along with Celina Jade in a Kung Fu mini movie.

The movie is called Kung Fu Vettel: Drive of the Dragon that will be released next month. The racing legend and now turned actor took a few lessons in the martial arts to enable him to perform at the first of a series of promotional events under the banner of Inspired Performers sponsored by Infiniti, Red Bull Racing sponsor.

Vettel, it is learnt, then headed off to the racing circuit to give Jade a few pointers on auto racing. He enjoyed his few moments in the limelight of a different kind when he whizzed through the air and learnt that both driving and Kung Fu had a lot in common as both required a certain degree of balance, control and technique. Despite enjoying the experience, Vettel said that he would rather stick to racing on track where he will be seen on Sunday’s Chinese grand Prix.

All these events are now considered to be the reason behind Vettel’s poor show. After the race Vettel said, “There was no problem with the car, but I couldn’t get the final few tenths. I was happy with the laps I did in Q2, but they weren’t quick enough and we couldn’t make it in to Q3. We have a long race ahead of us tomorrow and the car did feel good, so in terms of race pace we should do better tomorrow. We weren’t fast enough and we have to accept it. We start from P11 tomorrow and see what we can do from there.”

Following is an Q&A session with Vettel which took place after the Chinese GP qualifying:

Q: Sebastian, what happened?
Sebastian Vettel:
It was not good enough, it’s that simple. There was nothing fundamentally wrong and I felt pretty comfortable in the car, but the last couple of tenths didn’t drop and this is the result. Regrettably, it wasn’t enough.

Q: Your team mate Mark Webber was fastest in Q2 and was running the new exhaust system whilst you opted to run the old one. Do you regret your decision now?
I opted for this solution on Friday afternoon simply because I felt more comfortable with this version. This morning it didn’t feel that good anymore, so of course you start to think. But in the afternoon it had improved again but unfortunately not enough. With hindsight it is always easy to blame it on a wrong decision, but that decision felt right for me at that moment. Of course we will have to sit down and look into the matter to avoid such a situation in the future.

Q: You look a bit perplexed…
I’m actually not. As I just said, I was quite happy with the car, but in the last instance it was not fast enough.

Q: It was the first time since the 2009 Brazilian Grand Prix that you didn’t make it into Q3. How do you cope with this?
Well, in the end the gap wasn’t insurmountable – it just simply didn’t happen. We haven’t been fast enough. And I don’t want to blame it on the car. In fact, I was quite pleased with it. I was doing almost identical times in all my three laps, which obviously means that there was no room for improvement. It’s sad because, as I just said before, I felt quite good in the car.

Q: From the first two races of the season, we’ve seen it’s not necessarily the pole sitter who wins the race. So are you hopeful for Sunday?
Yes, it will be a long and demanding race so there should be some chances to better the position. But of course it is always easier to start at the front and stay there. I have a new set of tyres still left so I can start on whatever tyres I like and that is probably the only positive in this situation. It may make life a bit easier tomorrow.

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