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Security for women in public road transport in India proposed

The Road Transport & Safety Bill, 2014, an update on Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 furthers this cause. The proposed Bill is to be presented in the forthcoming winter Parliament session. Nitin Gadkari says the Bill provides for a Unified Driver Licensing System across India, automated testing to eliminate human bias in testing, Unified Vehicle Registration System linked with insurance, vehicle offences and fitness, electronic and online submission of registration and development of an electronic platform for collection, distribution and reconciliation of revenue between various states to deal with inconveniences the taxpayer faces.

Stress is being laid on use of alternative fuel so import bill of fuel could be brought under control, while an eco-friendly transport system evolves. To minimise road accidents, expert committees will identify accident spots, and causes of accidents like curves, trees, etc, that need to be done away with. Formation of bus ports with facilities available at airports is proposed, alongwith establishing Drivers club for truck drivers on National Highways. In bettering traffic regulation, cities with a population of over 10 lakh will turn to automated traffic law enforcement systems with CCTV cameras, speed cameras and e-challan systems. Monetary penalties in the 1988 Act are updated and supplemented with provision of refresher training for certain offences, and repeat offenders.

Minister of State for Road Transport & Highways, Krishan Pal says Radio Frequency based Identification technology for electronic toll collection will be a standard for vehicle identification at toll plazas and check-posts. This furthers smooth vehicle movement, eliminates overloading and introduces convenient payment of tolls and taxes. Safe and secure transport system to women is being set up through an integrated system at national and state levels including installation of GPS-based, on board vehicle security and tracking system with emergency buttons, video recording cameras, etc.

Secretary, Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Shri Vijay Chibber focuses on basic facilities to road users within ‘Swachch Bharat Mission’. An ‘All India Permit for Tourist Buses’ at the following rates is proposed: Rs.50,000/- for ordinary tourist buses, Rs.75,000/- for luxury tourist buses and Rs.1,00,000/- for super luxury tourist buses. Thsi will facilitate seamless movement of tourist buses across states through annual consolidated fee in lieu of taxes or fees levied by State Governments/Union Territories.

State Governments / UTs will do what’s necessary for timely implementation of the ‘Scheme for Security for Women in Public Road Transport’ in India. City Command and Control centres will provide infrastructure to State Transport and Police department through an IT based platform. The software platform for permit reduces time required for a valid permit for vehicle owners and drivers of such vehicles. State Governments/UTs are in agreement on the proposed scheme for development of Large Bus Terminals targeted to provide better amenities to passengers in transit. Integrated passenger facilities proposed include Road-Train-Metro. Indian government will fund a large part of expenditure towards project prep and management consultancy.

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