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Sedan Sales FY 2020 – Maruti Dzire, Honda Amaze increase Market Share

The Sedan segment suffered the biggest fall in terms of sales in the FY2020 percent as compared to every other segment

At one time it was hatchbacks in India that used to be the preference of the more budget conscious buyers in the country. But recently, the trend changed and there were more buyers opting for sedans, resulting in boom of sub 4 meter sedan sales.

This increased demand led to automakers bringing in a new range of sedans in the sub 4 meter segment so as to keep prices at affordable levels. The Maruti DZire has been breaking records in terms of sales, scaling among the highest selling sedan in the country. Apart from Maruti Suzuki, every other automaker had offerings in this segment.

While it was this segment that held some promise for automakers in a time of falling sales, it may be noted from the attached table that the past financial year has even seen a dip in demand where sedans are concerned. Once again, buyers are opting for premium hatchbacks and now migrating to SUVs.

India Sedan Sales FY 2020

NoSedanFY 2020FY 2019Diff%
1Maruti Dzire1,79,1592,53,859-74,700-29.43
2Honda Amaze57,54185,061-27,520-32.35
3Hyundai Xcent / Aura27,65237,982-10,330-27.20
4Maruti Ciaz25,25846,169-20,911-45.29
5Honda City20,91241,072-20,160-49.08
6Hyundai Verna20,89439,568-18,674-47.19
7Tata Tigor10,04925,804-15,755-61.06
8Skoda Rapid8,95510,457-1,502-14.36
9Ford Aspire6,56815,440-8,872-57.46
10VW Ameo4,7299,068-4,339-47.85
11VE Vento4,6575,871-1,214-20.68
12Tata Zest3,68411,156-7,472-66.98
13Toyota Yaris3,60211,831-8,229-69.55
14Honda Civic3,0242,29173331.99
15Skoda Octavia2,3742,624-250-9.53
16Skoda Superb1,5221,430926.43
17Toyota Corolla8062,783-1,977-71.04
18Nissan Sunny7611,052-291-27.66
19Toyota Camry70940730274.20
20Hyundai Elantra6921,174-482-41.06
21Fiat Linea81105-24-22.86
22VW Passat60705-645-91.49
23Honda Accord000

Sedan sales in FY2020 have dipped 37 percent when compared to sales in FY2019. Most of the models on the list saw double digit de-growth while the past fiscal brought in no new launches and in fact saw many models in the segment such as the Linea, Etios, Corolla and Accord being discontinued altogether.

Total sedan sales in FY2020 stood at 3,83,619 units, down from 6,05,909 units sold in the same period of the previous year. It was once again the Maruti DZire that stood in the topmost position with 1,79,156 units sold down 29 percent as against 2,53,859 units sold in FY2019. The Honda Amaze sedan came in second with 32 percent degrowth reported to 57,471 units while it was the Hyundai Xcent that followed in a third spot with 27,652 units sold, down 27 percent as against 37,982 units sold in the past financial year.

Sedans Market Share FY 2020

NoSedanMS FY 2020MS FY 2019Diff
1Maruti Dzire46.6941.904.80
2Honda Amaze15.0014.040.96
3Hyundai Xcent / Aura7.216.270.94
4Maruti Ciaz6.587.62-1.04
5Honda City5.456.78-1.33
6Hyundai Verna5.456.53-1.08
7Tata Tigor2.624.26-1.64
8Skoda Rapid2.331.730.61
9Ford Aspire1.712.55-0.84
10VW Ameo1.231.50-0.26
11VE Vento1.210.970.24
12Tata Zest0.961.84-0.88
13Toyota Yaris0.941.95-1.01
14Honda Civic0.790.380.41
15Skoda Octavia0.620.430.19
16Skoda Superb0.400.240.16
17Toyota Corolla0.210.46-0.25
18Nissan Sunny0.200.170.02
19Toyota Camry0.180.070.12
20Hyundai Elantra0.180.19-0.01
21Fiat Linea0.020.020.00
22VW Passat0.020.12-0.10
23Honda Accord0.000.000.00

Coming to the executive sedan division, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and Honda City were in 4th and 5th spot in terms of sales through FY2020 with sales down 45 percent and 49 percent respectively. Tata Tigor sales dipped 61 percent to 10,049 units in FY2020 from 25,804 units sold in the same period of the previous year.

Among the list of sedans sold in India, it was only the Honda Civic (32 percent), Skoda Superb (6 percent) and Toyota Camry (74 percent) that noted an increase in sales. Volkswagen Passat sales dipped 91 percent to just 60 units sold in the past financial year while there was not a single unit of the Honda Accord sold in FY2020 and Honda has since discontinued the Honda Civic diesel, CRV diesel and the Accord Hybrid.

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