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Self-drive tractor concept that you can control via phone app – Video

Self-drive tractor concept from Case IH was revealed at the annual Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa. Case IH, an agricultural machinery unit of CNH Industrial has showcased this tractor that promises to be totally different from other conventional models.

With no seat / cabin for the driver, this Self-drive tractor concept is fitted with cameras, radar and GPS. It allows the farmer to remotely control farming operations such as sowing and harvesting via an app on the tablet computer as was indicated by company President, Andreas Klauser even as crowds teamed around to view the vehicle.

Klauser stated that such self driving tractors would have to first comply with various legal issues which could take upto 3 years after which they could go into production and on sale.

Self-drive tractor concept on display in Iowa will remain in concept stage while farmer feedback will be assessed. Klauser has not disclosed cost of building such a concept vehicle. Its estimated final pricing is also not revealed even as the sleek red and black tractor has regaled audience at the show due to its high onboard technology which promises to make farming operations simpler and more efficient.

Once put into service, these self-driving tractors will be able to work round the clock offering the farmer real-time data monitoring. The farmers will be able to program these tractors for specific jobs while monitoring the same via a tablet or computer from the luxuries of an office.

These tractors will be equipped with sensing and perception package that includes radar, LiDAR and sensors besides video cameras. Obstructions in its part will be immediately conveyed to the operator while the farmer could command the tractor to ignore the impediment and go ahead.

Watch the video below to understand them better.

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