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Seventh Mercedes Benz Global TechMasters sees over 12,000 participants


Excellent service is provided by excellent employees and this is the basis on which the 12,000 participants at the Seventh Mercedes Benz Global TechMasters were judged on. The event took place in Stuttgart from the 19th to 21st November. 12,000 MB employees from across the globe took part in the pre qualifying rounds out of which 96 national Champions from 16 different countries were selected to compete against each other in a bid to win a title of being the best among all.

Participants were evaluated on the basis of their response in scenarios presented to them. These tams were made up of 6 participants who were presented with scenarios which necessitated use of both practical and theoretical skills. Each participant was tested with regard to their job profile so as to determine the best team in the world among all the National Champions.

After thorough evaluation, the jury came to a decision and awarded the award for the best Mercedes Benz passenger car workshop team to USA. Apart from the aforementioned award, Japan, Russia and Germany too won awards in their respective categories of Certified Service Advisior, Maintenance Technician and System Technician – Driving Stability respectively. USA picked up the first place in the System Technician- Powertrain category.


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