Shah Rukh Khan driving BMW i8, is stopped by a woman outside Mannat (Video)

Shah Rukh Khan’s driving skills were put to test when a homeless woman in Mumbai’s Bandra suburbs comes out of nowhere to stop the superstar as he took his new BMW i8 for a ride.

Fortunately, the actor had just emerged from his residence, Mannat, in Bandra and was not travelling at a high speed. The woman stopped the car by coming in front of the vehicle and the video reveals how she bent herself on the bonnet of the car while she greeted the actor as he rolled down his window.

Khan’s bodyguards quickly came out from various directors to pull the woman aside while Khan himself made sure that the woman was safely out of the way before speeding away. The incident could have got out of hand had the actor been travelling at a higher speed. The video also shows how the incident attracted the attention of others on the road who were quick to notice the actor’s presence in the car.

Shah Rukh Khan took delivery of his new silver grey BMW i8 just last week when it was delivered directly to his residence. It has a Haryana number plate and was purchased from a company dealership in Gurgaon.

Shah Rukh Khan driving BMW i8 (2)

BMW i8 is a hybrid variant which runs on electricity and fuel. It has an on-road price tag of INR 2.78 crores in Mumbai and is the same model used by Tom Cruze in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.


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