12 yr old becomes first Indian to clinch international Karting Championship

Shahan Ali Mohsin (7)

Shahan Ali Mohsin from Agra creates history as he claims Micro Max title at Asian Karting Championships held in Malaysia.

Just at 12 years of age, Shahan Ali Mohsin has entered the record books of Indian motorsport. He is now the first ever Indian racer to win an internationally acclaimed karting championship.

Mohsin not only managed to beat arch rival Hayden Haikal in the competition, he also battled food poisoning due to which he missed two days of track time preparation.

Shahan Ali Mohsin (1)

Back from recovery of food poisoning, Mohsin surged ahead in qualifying while taking pole position by over two tenths of a second. The weekend saw Mohsin leading the Micro Max championships by 5 point margin ahead of Hayden, his closest rival.

In two heat races as well Mohsin had to deal with brushes with Amer Harris who was not in championship contention but fought hard for the race win. While Mohsin passed Amer in both heats, Amer took the place back on both occasions.

Shahan Ali Mohsin (5)

While Amer, Hayden and Mohsin switched places Amer led at the front while Mohsin settled for third with Hayden finishing second with top three finishing within 0.2 seconds. Mohsin emerged four points ahead due to consistent performance over the weekend and was hence declared the winner.


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