Shamim Khan on Mahindra Rodeo PowerScooter participates in 2012 Gulf Monsoon scooter Rally

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Shamim Khan took part in the new Mahindra Two Wheeler racer at the 2012 Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally. He participated with a Mahindra Rodeo PowerScooter for the third consecutive year. The rally was held on July 8th at Navi Mumbai. This is not a novel event for Shamim Khan who has been coming back year after year for the past three years to participate in the Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally. Over the past three years Mahindra Rodeo has held on tough tracks with powerful scooters in its class.

Khan is a national Champion and kick started his career in 2000. A resident of Nashik, he has participated in a number of rallies in and around Maharashtra, while he is especially adept in two wheeler racing.

Monsoon Scooter Rally has been an annual event for the past 23 years. Participants from Maharashtra take part in this two wheeler rally which this year saw the inclusion of the Mahindra PowerScooter, a high range electric scooter which is slowly but surely gaining importance in Indian two wheeler markets. Shamim Khan is the 2010 Gulf Monsoon Rally winner. In 2011 he wasn’t crowned champion at the rally that brings Uran each monsoon.

News release: Shamim Khan to participate with Mahindra Rodeo in Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally

Mahindra Two Wheelers, a part of the US $ 15.4 billion Mahindra Group, has announced that Shamim Khan will participate in the annual Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally with the Mahindra Rodeo PowerScooter, for the third consecutive year. This year’s rally will be held on July 8, 2012 at Navi Mumbai. Shamim rode the Rodeo to victory in his very first year of participation, in 2010.

Speaking on the occasion, Shamim said, “Over the past three years, the Mahindra Rodeo has really proved itself on the tough rally track as one of the most powerful scooters in its class and I’m really looking forward to participating in the rally this year as well.”

National Champion, Shamim Khan started his career in the year 2000. He is originally from Nashik and has been dominating local Maharashtra rallies for almost five years now. “I am delighted to be given this opportunity by Mahindra to participate in the Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally. Scooters for me are not just a means of transportation but a medium by which I can express my youthful yearning for freedom and identity. Mahindra 2 Wheelers has provided me with a great platform to display my skills on a rain fed dirt track, The Mahindra Rodeo, true to its description is indeed a Power Scooter and has complemented my riding skills very well,” he said.

The Monsoon Scooter Rally is a popular event organised by Sportscraft for the 23rd straight year. The rally has gained enormous popularity over the years and attracts participants from Mumbai and neighbouring cities like Pune, Nashik and Kolhapur.