Shamim Khan rides Mahindra Rodeo RZ to victory in Pit stop Monsoon Rally

Shamim Khan, astride the recently launched Mahindra Rodeo RZ steered the 125cc scooter to its first victory at the Monsoon Rally held in Nashik. The rally covered a distance over 170 kms of dirt track, and thanks to a full week of heavy rains also included mud, slush and rocks. This was the Mahindra Rodeo RZ’s maiden venture and yet it emerged a winner in the Pit stop Monsoon Rally thus proving the vehicle’s stamina, durability and power in the most grueling of road situations.

Shamim Khan is not new to the world of motorsport. He is a national champion who has over a decade of experience. Being a resident of Nashik itself, the youngster has taken part in a number of rallies across Maharashtra. On the Mahindra Rodeo he has seen victory at the Gulf Dirt Track National Championships in Round 1 in Mangalore, Round 2 in Aurangabad and also at the Rotary Rotocross in 2012.

The recently launched Mahindra Rodeo RZ 125cc scooter is priced at between Rs.49,410 and Rs.50,710. It possesses a Dual Curve Digital Ignition System that ensures 8PS power and 9Nm torque while fuel efficiency is pegged at 59.38 kmpl.

News release: New Mahindra Rodeo RZ wins Pit stop Monsoon Rally in very 1 st year of participation

Shamim Khan steers the New Mahindra Rodeo RZ to victory

The Mahindra Rodeo RZ, the latest offering from the Mahindra Two Wheelers’ stable, has proved its mettle once again by winning the Pit stop Monsoon Rally in Nashik. Rider, Shamim Khan steered the newly launched Rodeo RZ to victory over a challenging 170 km route which included mud, slush and rocks.

“Shamim and the Rodeo RZ have yet again proved that they are an unbeatable combination! The fact that the new Rodeo RZ emerged victorious on such a challenging track is clear testimony of its maneuverability, power and ability to negotiate tough conditions. My congratulations to Shamim and in future, we will see this winning duo take on many more such challenges,” said Viren Popli, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Market Development, Mahindra Two Wheelers.

“This is a thrilling victory for me as it’s the very first time I’ve participated in the Pit stop rally. The new Mahindra Rodeo RZ performed admirably in spite of the demanding nature of the track and complimented my riding skills very well. I look forward to participating with the Mahindra Rodeo RZ in future rallies as well,” said Shamim.

National Champion, Shamim Khan started his career in the year 2000. He is originally from Nashik and has been dominating local Maharashtra rallies for almost five years now. In addition to the Gulf Monsoon Scooter Rally, Shamim also rode the Mahindra Rodeo to victory in the Gulf Dirt Track National Championship – Round 1 in Mangalore, Round 2 in Aurangabad and the Rotary Rotocross (Autocross) for 2 wheelers, both in 2012.

The Pitstop Monsoon Rally has been organised by the Pitstop which is a rallying club co-founded by rallying enthusiasts in Nashik.