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Shell Lubricants launches exciting promotion for customers: Drive away a car with Helix Diesel Hx6


An exciting new promotion “Drive Away a Car with Helix Hx6” has been launched by Shell Lubricants, global leaders in finished lubricants. This promotion will cover its range of passenger car motor oils called Shell Helix by offering their customers a chance to win a brand new car while a number of other assured gifts which include mobile phones and cash prizes to boot. All customers need to do to enter this contest is to purchase a 4 liter pack of Shell Helix Diesel Hx6 and scratch the label to see if they are among the lucky winners.

By launching this prize winning scheme it shows the company’s commitment to their customers by offering them top of the line products and services while assuring them prizes and rewards while at the same time ensuring that their products like Shell Helix Motor Oils protects and cleans the engines of their customer’s vehicles. This promotion drive will end on August 31, 2012.

Shell Helix oils and lubricants are tried and tested by experts to ensure that it maintains engines in pristine condition. These oils not only clean and protect by also act as noise retardants. Helix oils are suited for fuel injected petrol engines and naturally aspirated or turbo charged indirect diesel engines.


Shell Lubricants, the global market leader in finished lubricants has launched an exciting promotion for its customers with its range of passenger car motor oils – Shell Helix. “Drive away a car with Shell Helix Diesel HX6” promo offers an opportunity to the customers to win a brand new car , along with a host of other exciting gifts on offer like mobile phones or assured cash prize. To participate in the promo, customers need to purchase a 4L pack of Shell Helix Diesel HX6, scratch the label and win an assured prize ranging from cash, mobile phone to a brand new car.

“Shell Helix has always strived to offer unique experiences to its customers through its products, offers and promotions. We value our customers and through this promotion we hope to connect with our customers and reward them with exciting prizes. We hope that as much as the promotion, customers will enjoy every journey with Shell Helix Motor Oils as it cleans and protects their engine” said Mr. Nitin Prasad, MD, Shell India Markets Pvt. Ltd.

The promotion will end on August 31, 2012.



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