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Shell Promise2Protect contest gives you a chance to win free gift vouchers

The engine is to your car what your heart is to you. In order to keep our heart in optimum condition, we eat healthy, exercise, and so on. But what about our car’s engine?

Shell Lubricants India launches “Shell Helix Ultra Lifetime Engine Warranty”, country’s first lifetime engine warranty by a lubricant manufacturer, in Mumbai: (from Left to right) Mansi Madan Tripathy, Chief Marketing Officer, Shell Lubricants India, Nitin Prasad, Managing Director, Shell Lubricants India and Sharon Wan, Associate Global Brand Manager Shell Helix

Shell Lubricants recently launched a revolutionary offering in India in the name of ‘Shell Helix Lifetime Engine Warranty Program’, a first by any engine lubricant player in the country.

‘Shell Helix Lifetime Engine Warranty Program’ makes a promise to user to protect their car engine for life be it any kind situation. Watch the video below for more info

This offering is Shell’s promise to protect your car’s engine for life.

In order to create awareness about maintaining the condition of your car’s engine and spread the word around, we have launched an online contest in association with Shell. Five lucky winners will get gift vouchers worth Rs 1,500 absolutely free.

All readers have to do is share their experiences with us online with the #Promise2Protect (it is not restricted to car engine only, you can mention also mention about your promise 2 protect car body, car tyres, car brakes and so on)

In order to participate in this contest, follow the steps below


Share your #Promise2Protect your car with us and if it is the most popular one, we’ll reward you with exciting prizes!


I #Promise2Protect my car by getting it serviced at regular intervals!
I avoid hard braking, or sudden acceleration #Promise2Protect


Choose your preferred platform to enter the contest and share your entry as a comment or reply below:



Why keep the promise to just yourself? Pass it on by tagging a fellow friend and encouraging him/her to take up a similar promise.

There is no limit on the number of comments or tweets you can post. The more you tweet / comment, the more are your chances to win a free gift voucher.

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