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Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 promises 3 pct fuel saving

Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 promises a 3 pct saving in fuel which in turn will result in saving of INR 40,000 per truck per annum. The new lubricant meets the requirements of heavy duty truck and bus fleet operators and is a combination of semi synthetic base oils and high performance additives. This combination is what allows for better fuel efficiency and protects the engine when operating under high pressures and temperatures which are normally seen on board Tata commercial vehicles.

 Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30

Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 is ideally suited to protect not only Tata engines fitted with 697/497 4SP BS-III and BS-IV but also some other advanced engines. Further advantages in the use of Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 include improvement in cold starting, reduction in fuel consumption, engine protection, enhanced engine durability and money savings.

With cost of ownership being a major concern, Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 will prove to be a potential money saver with saving upto INR 40,000 per annum on a truck that has oil drain interval of 60,000 kms and will go a long way to benefit truck and fleet operators in the country.

Shell Lubricants India association with Tata Motors commenced in 2010-11 while this is the first time that such a product has been launched. This engine oil which is on offer across the country is priced at Rs 399 per liter. The two companies will continue to work to bring in better products that will improve performance, productivity and build up customer relations and satisfaction.

Nitin Prasad, Managing Director, Shell Lubricants India says the focus is to offer patrons solutions that help improve performance, productivity and profits. This association with Tata Motors started in 2010-11, and this is the first such product to be launched. Shell Lubricants India looks to continue nurturing the partnership and work closely to increase technical intimacy.

Sanjeev Garg, Global Head – Customer Care, Tata Motors says the auto manufacturer is happy to collaborate with Shell Lubricants. Keeping in mind challenges faced by commercial vehicles industry, Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 is designed to improve fuel efficiency to result in reduced diesel consumption. Tata Motors and Shell Lubricants look to improve customer satisfaction with a product that benefits truck drivers and fleet operators in the long run.

Akhil Jha, Vice President Technical, Shell Lubricants India says Shell investment in R&D is intended to develop products and solutions for OEMs and customers across sectors. Shell Rimula T5 E 10W-30 is a heavy-duty diesel engine oil.

Neeraj Bhatia, Senior VP Business Development, Shell Lubricants India says the company works closely with customers to find solutions to challenges they face.

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