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Shiwa self-driving student concept – 2016 Geneva Motor Show LIVE

The Shiwa zero-emission noiseless self-driving concept car created by Masters in Transportation Design students of IED Turin made its world premiere at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The concept was created in association with Quattruote under the sponsorship of Cecomp, OZ Racing, Pirelli, Model Resine and Newcast Services.

The basic concept which was started by South Korean student Youngjin Shim is inspired by an Origami (Japanese paper art). The name Shiwa in Japanese means fold. The initial concept was further developed by a team comprising her, Italian Luca Menicacci, Indian Jaykishan Vithalbhai Lakhani, and eight other students – Chen LUJIA (China); Charles Frederic Nestor CARRUPT (Switzerland); Mikhail D. SOUZA (India); Qichang LI (China); Kejin PAN (China); Alparslan TURHAN (Turkey); Gaurav UDAVANT (India) and Honghu ZHANG (China). Jose Ignacio MARTINEZ FLORES from Ecuador is responsible for the interior design.

The futuristic concept measures 4,700 mm in length, 2,000 mm in width, 1,500 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 3,660 mm. The exterior is nothing like any of the concept cars we have seen before. The multi-sided passenger capsule is suspended by what appears to be a double-wishbone suspension set up.

The interior surfaces are designed to project multimedia content towards the passengers. The unconventional seating layout aims to bring the passengers together. The Shiwa is an Individual Identity Companion Vehicle (IICV) which learns the behavior and preferences of its passengers and adopts accordingly.

The self-driving concept was developed under the supervision of IED Turin’s faculty members Alessandro Cipolli and Davide Tealdi.

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