Shocking footage of Nepal earthquake from Traffic Camera (Video)

An otherwise normal, calm morning on the busy streets of Kathmandu, Nepal was transformed in seconds to devastation and panic following a massive earthquake of 7.9 magnitude.

A traffic camera positioned above the street has captured the entire happenings during this massive earthquake. It shows a building collapse like a pack of cards while people on the streets run helter skelter. The collapsing building struck many people and vehicles on its way down but it is unclear as to how many were injured or whether there were any deaths caused due to its collapse.The footage is alarming and disturbing but depicts exactly what happened on that fateful Saturday which has left countless dead, many injured and several scores missing.

Six days has passed since the Nepal earthquake and the Government is doing all it can to bring relief to the people and restore some order which is proving challenging due to a series of aftershocks and bad weather. Rescue teams are on site trying to find anyone alive but have more or less given up hope after so much time has elapsed.

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On Thursday, officials announced creation of National Reconstruction Fund to rebuild infrastructure while the Government of Nepal has offered to pay families $1,400 for each person who lost their lives due to the earthquake to take care of funeral and other expenses.