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Shriram Automall website for easy vehicle buying and selling

Shriram Automal specializes in buying and selling of used equipment and in order to promote its services an allow a number of individuals benefit from these transactions, the brand has launched a corporate website with a whole range of services dedicated solely to the transport industry.

Through the website, customers from the corporate sector will be able to view vehicles and assets for sale without having to leave their workplace. The site will allow customers to check physical condition of assets through virtual means after which they can proceed to view products first hand at an offline location. Using the website will provide people with a friend GUI and a secure platform for carrying out transactions. People will also be able to take part in online and physical bidding events with implementation of the site.

Through the online service, Shriram Automall would be able to promote its services and educate people on its per-owned category thereby providing a wide spectrum of experience and reaching many prospective customers. Social network integration, categorization of goods, enhanced search functionality, wide range of products and introduction to a private treaty are some important features of this site.

Arun Duggal, Chairman, Shriram Capital had this to say, “We are pleased to announce the launch of an online website. Apart from helping us reach a wide customer base, the website will boost the market of pre-owned vehicle trading in India. It has been our constant endeavour to serve the largest number of people through our innovative products and services. The SAMIL website will help us keep our customers updated of the latest events, and guide them in their trading decisions.”

Umesh Revenkar, Managing Director, Shriram Transport Finance Company Ltd, said, “Shriram Automall is a one-of-its-kind initiative for the trading of pre-owned vehicles, which is gaining popularity by the day. The Automall has been a successful medium for ‘Shriram Transport’; it has helped us create new clientele base and also fulfil the needs of existing valued customers. In today’s world, social media is a very useful platform that helps a business expand at a faster rate. We are confident that our online vehicle trading segment will provide an enhanced user experience to our customers, and also help us reach a wide spectrum of customers.”

Sameer Malhotra, CEO, Shriram Automall India Ltd., had this to say, “The Virtual marketplace for used vehicles & equipment is now operational. An online solution like this will truly revolutionise the pre-owned vehicle market. The purpose of the website is to bring awareness to the multitude services offered by SAMIL.”


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