SIAM says Delhi Diesel Ban resulted in 5,000 job losses so far

SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers) has been putting forth arguments on how the Delhi Diesel Ban has been affecting the Indian auto industry. In its recent submission of facts relating to the ground level impact of the ban to the Supreme Court, the organization claims that the move has resulted in production loss of around 11,000 units which roughly translates into 5,000 job losses.

SIAM went on to estimate that had the ban covered the whole of India, it would have resulted in production loss of nearly 1 lakh units and around 47,000 job losses. It also stated that a large stock of banned cars had to be transferred from NCR dealers to non-NCR dealers since it’s financially very difficult to hold the inventory for an indefinite period.

Land Rover Discovery Sport India
Over 50 car models were taken off the shelves in the region due to the Delhi Diesel ban.

Opposing the levy of environmental compensation charge on diesel vehicles in NCR, the industry body stated in its written submission that it could result in permanent job losses and the problems becomes manifold if the same is extended beyond the NCR region.

SIAM also stated:

There is no established link between engine capacity and emission levels. As such the 2,000cc limit is arbitrary and the impact of banning these vehicles has an infinitesimal effect on air quality.

The organization argues that a pan-India long-term policy based on these parameters would not only adversely affect manufacturing and current jobs in the sector but will also have a negative impact on creation of future jobs.

Delhi pollution traffic rationing
SIAM also opposes the levy of environment compensation charge on diesel vehicles.

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Recently, CSE (Centre for Science and Environment) condemned the auto industry for underplaying the role of diesel cars in Delhi’s pollution problem.

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