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Simple One Electric Scooter Booking At Rs 1,947 – Battery Pack, Range Details

Simple Electric Scooter Battery Pack
Simple Electric Scooter Battery Pack

Range anxiety is a key reason why people continue to prefer petrol powered two-wheelers

Since the time Simple Energy started working on their electric scooter, the team was pretty clear that they need to free people of their range anxiety. It was evident that their electric scooter will have a better chance to succeed if it can deliver higher range than rivals.

That dream has been realized and will be showcased to everyone on August 15. Bookings will commence on the same date and deliveries are expected by January 2022. Booking amount is set at Rs 1,947. The amount Rs 1,947 is chosen as the Simple One is launching on 15th August, Independence Day. The pre-booking would begin from 5 pm onwards and the vehicle can be booked on the company’s website.

Speaking on this, Mr.Suhas Rajkumar, Founder, and CEO, Simple Energy said, ” Through Simple One, we hope to create a benchmark in the EV Industry. 15th August is a historic day for us too. We look forward to an electrifying year ahead.” In addition to this, the Simple also shared some information on the portable battery pack, which appears to be grey in colour, and weighs over 6kgs. This battery pack is custom-built for Indian usage, making it easier for anyone to take it back to your house to charge it.

Simple One will have a 4.8 kWh lithium-ion battery, a claimed range of 240 km in eco mode, a top speed of 100kmph, and 0-50 kilometers per hour acceleration in 3.6 seconds. Other key features are a mid-drive motor along with a removable battery and futuristic design. It also comes with smart features like a touch screen, onboard navigation, Bluetooth, etc The e-scooter will be priced from Rs1,10,000 to Rs.1,20,000.

Simple Electric Scooter Charging - Simple Loop
Simple Electric Scooter Charging – Simple Loop

How Simple One achieves 200+ km range?

Simple Energy has always strived to reach the 200km mark for their Simple One electric scooter. It has been achieved with continuous improvements in multiple components. The motor is one such component that the company has developed in-house. Simple Energy is currently the only OEM in the country to have designed, developed and manufactured its own powertrain.

This has allowed the company to carry out desired optimizations that can improve the motor’s efficiency and scooter’s range. Customizations would have limited scope if the powertrain was designed and manufactured by another entity.

The powertrain developed by Simple Energy has already been patented. The company may use its expertise in this area to create a new revenue source. However, there are no plans to directly share the motor design with other entities. In addition to the engine, Simple Energy has patents for various other components. These include the scooter’s design, cycle parts, thermal management system and battery pack.

Tech integrations have also helped improve overall efficiency of the powertrain. A lot of research has gone into developing an aerodynamic design for the scooter. This reduces drag and helps improve range. Another example of continuous improvement is the weight of the scooter, which has been reduced from 130 kg earlier to less than 110 kg in its present form. Even electrical systems including headlight have been customized to reduce auxiliary power consumption.

Simple One acceleration and top speed

Even in the Eco mode, Simple One will be able to achieve speed of around 45-50 kmph. This is pretty decent for city ride conditions. There will be three other ride modes that will allow higher speeds. Top speed will be around 100 kmph. Simple One will also offer best-in-class acceleration of 0-40 kmph in 3.1 seconds. This is better than Ather 450X that does 0-40 kmph in 3.3 seconds. Simple One can achieve 0-60 kmph in 3.6 seconds.

Almost complete localization

Simple Energy has been able to achieve close to 99% localization. Except the battery cells, all other components used on Simple One are sourced locally. This will help reduce cost and avoid delays in production and deliveries. Simple One electric scooter is expected to be launched at Rs 1.1 – 1.2 lakh. The Simple One will be launched in 13 states in India in Phase 1.

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