Skoda Auto celebrates production of their 14 millionth car

Skoda Auto has proudly announced that they have achieved a manufacturing milestone earlier this week, when they produced their 14,000,000th car The 14 millionth Skoda car to be manufactured is Superb 2.0 liter Laurin & Klement special edition. This car is manufactured and designed specially for a German customer. The special edition car is manufactured at the company’s plant in Kvasiny, Czechoslovakia and finished off with a special magnetic brown metallic color.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland, Board Chairman, Skoda Auto was very proud of what his company had achieved. Speaking about the milestone, Dr Vahland said: “This jubilee is an impressive expression of our growth strategy. We are expanding at a high speed. Almost two thirds of the 14 million cars built by the company were produced and sold in the past 20 years, four million of which were produced in the past 5 years alone.” Last year the Skoda Auto delivered 879,200 vehicles and hopes to reach the 1.5 million targets by 2018.