Skoda launches new accessories for dog safety: Compatible with Yeti, Octavia, Rapid

Skoda Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Yeti, Octavia and Octavia Estate will see inclusion of several new accessories. These are specially designed for those who travel in car with their pet dogs. Apart from making your dogs safer, these accessories will also protect the interiors of your car.

skoda accessories for dog safety
Skoda Backseat Protection.

For eg, one of the new accessory on offer is Skoda backseat protection. This one spans the entire rear seat thus preventing dirty paws, hair and drool from dripping onto the upholstery. The material used is water resistant and washable while it is also made of non skid for added safety of the pet while the car is in motion. The cover is fitted in place with hooks and fasteners attached to front and rear headrests.

Skoda accessories also include a trunk grille, which facilitates boot travel for the pet. The grille conveniently divides the boot into sections, one for storage of luggage while the other is for the dog to sit safely in the boot area. Protective mats are placed on the floor of the boot which can be removed and cleaned. There is also a vertical guard placed behind the rear headrests to prevent the dog from clambering over backrest from boot.

skoda accessories for dog safety
Special dog seat belt.

Skoda Rapid, Rapid Spaceback, Yeti, Octavia and Octavia Estate also receives a dog seatbelt to secure the pet in the event of an accident while it also ensures that the upholstery stays clean when travelling with a pet dog. The seatbelt attaches to a regular seat belt and is offered in sizes from small to extra large. In countries such as Italy, this sort of safety equipment is mandatory while travelling with a pet and could be extended to other countries as well.

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