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Skoda Auto introduces novel Chauffeur Service for Mumbai customers

In a bid to create awareness of safe and responsible driving and to offer special value added services to their customers, Skoda Auto India have introduced a “If You Drink, We Drive” service for their customers. Exclusive chauffeur services for dropping their customers home at the end of a party or on their way home from a restaurant or club. The service will be introduced from April 27th to May 27, 2012 and has come at the time of IPL when a number of people would be taking advantage of watching the matches on big screens put up in clubs and hotels in the city.

This innovative scheme will benefit all Skoda customers who can avail of these chauffeur services and at the same time enjoy their drinks without worrying about driving home safely. The service provides a chauffeur who will drive you home in your own Skoda. Skoda owners in Mumbai need to contact +91- 9167244678 or +91-9167244725 to ensure that the chauffeur is at your service.

Press Release

ŠKODA India introduces – ‘If You Drink, We Drive’ program exclusively for its customers in Mumbai

> ŠKODA will provide Chauffeur services to its esteemed customers in Mumbai
> This initiative is aimed towards raising awareness about ‘safe and responsible’ driving

ŠKODA AUTO India is pleased to introduce – ‘If You Drink, We Drive’, a value added service initiated for ŠKODA owners in Mumbai. An exclusive Chauffeur service for a drop at home will be extended to ŠKODA owners enjoying matches in clubs and restaurants located anywhere in the city. This unique initiative will commence from 27th April – 27th May, 2012.

Designed to raise awareness on responsible and safe driving, ‘If You Drink, We Drive’ program will enable ŠKODA customers to enjoy the games to the fullest with their friends and families. However, this service is applicable only to those customers who will be driving to the venues in their ŠKODA cars. Followed by a stringent verification process, a Chauffeur will be made available for the customer, waiting to drive them home in the comfort of their own ŠKODA.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr. Kamal Basu, Head – Marketing, ŠKODA AUTO India said, “Safety is one of our core philosophies; spreading awareness about safe driving has been of utmost importance to us. ŠKODA’s ‘If You Drink, We Drive’ program is an extension of this endeavor to promote safe and responsible driving amongst ŠKODA owners, without them having to miss out on the fun element of watching the games.”

With this initiative, ŠKODA has ensured that its customers revel to the fullest, without having to worry for their safety. It will also ensure that game lovers reach home safely, with their wellbeing becoming the responsibility of ŠKODA.

To know more about the ŠKODA’s ‘If You Drink, We Drive’ program, log on to ŠKODA India’s website- www.skoda-auto.co.in

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