Skoda Auto to boost sales in India

It’s never too easy to compete in the Indian auto market. Even though Skoda Auto is pitted against tough competition they have succeeded in making a place for themselves in the Indian auto market. At a press conference earlier today, Jurgen Stackmann, Board of Directors member for Sales and Marketing Skoda revealed that the Indian car market is of prime importance to the company.

He added that Skoda Auto aims at increasing sales in India significantly. To ensure that targets are met the company has planned aggressive sales and marketing strategies for India. 2011 was Skoda’s most successful year to date in globally. The auto maker sold a staggering 879.000 units which marked a 15% rise compared to 2010.

Skoda has accounted for sales of 6,781 cars for months January and February in 2012 which is a 29% rise as compared with sales for the same period in 2011. As of now 60%of Skoda cars are sold in European markets and 40 % in emerging markets. With demand for automobiles from Asian countries increasing Skoda is gearing up to invest in India and other emerging markets to boost sales.

Press Release

Key points from Mr. Stackmann’s speech

ŠKODA March 1st press conference | Mumbai

The Indian market is very important for ŠKODA
ŠKODA wants to raise their global sales to at least 1.5 million by the year 2018
To achieve this target, over the next two to three years, ŠKODA will be introducing a new model roughly every six months. To ensure this, ŠKODA is making the necessary investments in capacities and international markets
In India, for January and February 2012, ŠKODA sold 6781 cars; a plus of 29% percent as compared to the same period in 2011. In February, ŠKODA sold 2204 Rapids
2011 was the most successful year to date in ŠKODA’s corporate history. At 879,200 units, ŠKODA sold more cars than ever before in a single year. Deliveries rose by more than 15 per cent compared to 2010
In 2011, ŠKODA’s sales in India rose by no less than 50 percent to about 30,000 units
ŠKODA’s market share grew to a new all-time high of 1.31 percent
The year 2012 has been good so far, raising global deliveries month-on-month yet again and achieving a new high for January: 75,400 ŠKODA’s sold translate into an advance of 10.2 percent compared to January last year
60 percent of ŠKODA cars are sold in Europe and 40 percent in the emerging countries. ŠKODA is aiming to turn this relationship upside down by 2018 –  60 percent of ŠKODA sales should be in the regions outside of Europe
In recent years, ŠKODA has made the right decisions to enable sustained growth
The Superb is the market leader in its segment
ŠKODA sold twice as many units of the Fabia in 2011 as in 2010
The Laura is number three in its segment
Yeti compact SUV achieved an impressive plus of 500 percent in 2011
The Rapid’s start in India was very successful
The Rapid has received 4 of the most prestigious Automotive Awards from the Indian media who have rated the product very highly in their reviews
This is proof that ŠKODA’s strategy of building the Rapid in India for India is the right way forward. Rapid is the new benchmark in the compact saloon segment
This year will be the first full sales year for the Rapid, and ŠKODA expects it to drive up their total sales in India
ŠKODA is attaining new dimensions in India
With the growth of the Indian market and of the brand ŠKODA has also built up their business structures in India
For this reason, ŠKODA has decided to have a Managing Director ŠKODA India take responsibility of activities in India
Mr. Sudhir Rao will be taking on this crucial assignment and run the ŠKODA business in this very important market as Managing Director, ŠKODA India
Mr. Sudhir Rao has years of experience as a top-level executive in the automobile industry with an international background
He has perfect knowledge of the Indian market. Under his leadership, ŠKODA India will continue on the successful path of the past ten years and expand its favorable market position further.