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Skoda Rapid owner files case against dealer for selling modified car as new

Suhas Manjunath has filed a case with the consumer court against Skoda dealership Vinayak Skoda. The customer alleges that while he booked and paid for a Skoda Rapid Black Edition, he was supplied with a converted one from a regular Rapid.

Repeated malfunctioning of the headlamps which started immediately after delivery itself, saw Manjunath make frequent trips to the company’s service center. The headlamps high beam and flash dim and dip were not working and the company technician has proved to the owner that the car he has been supplied with is not what it appears to be.

He explained that the internal wiring and programming of the ECU/BCM for the limited edition Black Package Skoda Rapid is different from the regular Skoda Rapid. He further explained that the internal wiring which is present in the car is what should be in a regular Skoda Rapid and is hence not compatible with the Black Package leading to malfunction.

The technician also connected the car headlight power socket to a regular Skoda Rapid where it functioned normally. He requested Manjunath to log onto ‘MySkoda’ app and get details of the car as to whether it was a regular model or limited edition. On checking the details, it was confirmed that the car in question was not a limited edition Skoda Rapid.

This has made Manjunath file a case with the Consumer Court against Vinayak Skoda for cheating and deception. He has also filed another case against Skoda for not keeping proper checks on their dealership and allowing them to tamper with products.

Following this filing of complaint, Senior General Manager of Vinayak Skoda, Mr Uday has accepted foul play where this car is concerned. He stated that as they did not have stock of the Limited Edition in the color that Manjunath had booked, they went on to switch parts from a regular Skoda Rapid. Manjunath also spoke to the owner of Vinayak Skoda Mr Suresh who has also admitted to the foul play and Manjunath has recording of these conversations as further proof to his case.


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