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Skoda Fabia pickup concept unveiled, named Skoda FUNstar

A team of 23 apprentices at Skoda Academy in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, are the ones responsible for this fashionable pickup concept based on Skoda Fabia. And they are aged only between 17 and 18.

The Skoda Fabia pickup concept has some inspiration from Skoda Citijet, which is a similar concept that rolled out of the same academy.

This Skoda Fabia pickup concept has a frameless body relying on reinforcements on side panels. In addition, the B-pillar is widened, which aides the clean transformation from hatchback to pickup body type. This proves, the one-off prototype is not just for show. Even the deck is ready to take the pounding that real cargo will offer, courtesy of stainless steel sheet metal bed.

Powering the Fabia pickup concept is 1.2 litre TSI petrol engine producing 121 bhp max power, mated to seven-speed DSG automatic. If you think this is too much to handle while hauling load on a mini pickup, the students first wanted to plonk the 1.8 TSI petrol engine, but ended up realising it is too large for this micro hauler.

Interiors of Skoda Fabia pickup concept is embellished with sporty theme and up to date gadgetry, including touchscreen infotainment system and loud 1400W sound system with a 200W subwoofer.

This pickup concept is one of 84 design proposals including an off-road version of Fabia, decided in September 2014. The concept is named Skoda FUNstar, chosen from a competition held at a local Primary school.

The Skoda Fabia pickup concept will be premiered publicly at GTI Meeting in Worthersee, next month.

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