Skoda India sells 1000 cars in June 2014, 48% sales decline

Skoda IndiaWhile the approach is a concerted effort to this end, one can’t but wonder how many more months of sales decline will Skoda India register. At 2014 Delhi Auto Expo this February, Skoda Superb facelift was showcased, with the sedan being launched a week from then. Yeti facelift too was showcased and awaits launch. Since then Skoda India has almost stopped Yeti bookings with about 20 units sold in these 5 months.

In May 2013, Skoda announced it was discontinuing Fabia as it had turned into loss-making line of business in recent times. All current efforts are concentrated to its premium sedan image through Skoda Octavia (D1), Skoda Superb (D2) and Skoda Rapid (C2) sales.

In June 2014, Skoda sold almost 1000 cars in India. When compared to 1900 cars sold in June 2013, it equates to about 48% sales decline. In sales parlance, this is Skoda strengthening segment wise market share.

Through Q1 2014, January, February and March sales stood at 1600, 1300, and 1700 units respectively. Compared to Q1 2013 sales of 2400, 1800, and 2300 units for the corresponding months, Skoda India reported sales decline of 32.5%, 28.2%, and 26% respectively. Cumulative Skoda India Q1 2014 sales stood at 4600 units when compared to 6500 units sold in Q1 2013 equating to 29% sales decline for the quarter.

Through Q2 2014, April, may and June sales stood at 1200, 900 and 1000 units respectively. Compared to Q2 2013 sales of 2000, 1800, and 1900 units for the corresponding months, Skoda India reported sales decline of 40%, 50% and 48% respectively. Cumulative Skoda India Q2 2014 sales stood at 3100 units when compared to 5700 units sold in Q2 2013 equating to 46% sales decline for the quarter. Skoda India sales stood at 6700 units for January to may 2014. When compared to January-May 2013 sales of 10300 units, it equates to 35% sales decline.

Skoda India sales stand at 7700 units for the year thus far. When compared to January-June 2013 sales of 12200 units, it equates to 37% sales decline for H1 2014.