Skoda India sales growth at 28.5% YoY (Jan-Aug), Kodiaq launch in Oct
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Skoda India sales growth at 28.5% YoY (Jan -Aug), Kodiaq launch in October 2017

Following a slow year in 2016, Skoda India sales continue to be positive through 2017 with the aim of ending a year with marked double digit growth.


Skoda India sales growth is reported at 76.2 per cent for August 2017 at 1,700 vehicles sold, up from 1,000 cars sold in August 2016. In July, Skoda India reported 1,200 vehicles sold at a growth of 34 per cent, up from 900 cars sold in July 2016.

In June, Skoda India sales stood at 1,400 vehicles, up 42.7 per cent over 1,000 cars sold in June 2016. the trend was just as positive in may, when sales were reported at 1300 units, up 34.1 per cent from 1000 cars sold in may 2016.

In fact, Skoda India sales growth stands at 21.7 percent for H1 2017 ( January- June) at 7,900 vehicles sold up from 6,500 cars sold in H1 2016 (January – June). For 2017 January – August, Skoda India sales stands at 10,800 units sold, up from 8,400 units sold for the first eight months of 2016. YoY sales growth stands at 28.57 per cent, a lot more robust than current industry growth charts.

In October, the brand will launch its 7-seater SUV, Kodiaq here. A pate of successful launches already has made available new car variants. The company retails the Superb, Rapid and Octavia here. For the year sales growth is expected to be over 30 per cent, and the company paces forward to a sales target of 18,000 for 2017. Skoda India sales were down 13.5 percent in 2016 when the company sold 13,370 units, down from 15,457 units sold in 2015.

The recent launch of the Octavia RS 230 at a price of Rs 24.63 lakh provides a boost of its own. Passenger vehicle sales has been at stake in recent times owing to constant policy change related to GST, and cess requirement. The performance-oriented offer is expected to contribute about a sixth of overall Octavia sales. For Skoda India, Octavia is its second highest volume car. Sales momentum is expected to tide on festive sales. New variants of Superb, Rapid Monte Carlo edition, and Octavia have helped boost sales.

Last month, Tata Motors and Skoda call off their proposed partnership. Skoda is still up for such opportunities with other entities. The focus is to build low cost cars ( entry level car platform) in a cost effective manner for a price sensitive market like India, and this requires an increased level of localisation. Volkswagen’s MQB A0 platform continues to be explored for the same project. Proposed changes in the Indian auto industry mandates stricter engine emission, and crash-test norms by April 2020.

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