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Skoda Octavia RS 280 PS in the making, launch next year?


Skoda will celebrate their 40th anniversary of RS 130 next year and to mark that, a new RS badged car is expected to launch. As the source revealed, it will be a new Octavia RS sporting 280 PS of peak power, with some design changes as well.

Skoda-Octavia-vRS-01-front-right-three-quaterThe new Octavia RS is expected to be powered by one of two viable engine options, one seen in the Volkswagen Golf GTI Performance and the other doing duty in Seat Leon Cupra 280. The Volkswagen Golf engine displaces 2.0 litres producing 230 PS. So, Skoda will have to tune it up to 280 PS to fit it into the upcoming Octivia RS. But the other engine choice from Seat Leon Cupra 280 gives 280 PS straight, sparing Skoda of having to boost up the power by themselves.

Despite choosing any one of those engines, Octavia RS should get a limited slip differential and traditional front wheel drive layout. Although slated to be more expensive than usual version of Octavia, it will be more affordable than VW Golf R and Seat Leon Cupra 280.

Skoda-Octavia-vRS-02-rear-left-three-quarterAt present, Octavia vRS is available in Europe in both petrol and diesel variants. The petrol model is powered by 2.0 litre four-cylinder turbocharged engine producing up to 220 bhp of max. power to reach 100 kmph in 6.8 seconds. Diesel variant is also a turbocharged 2.0 litre mill pushing 184 bhp max. power and 380 Nm peak torque. This one takes 8.1 seconds for a 0 to 100 kmph sprint. This third generation Octavia vRS is by far the fastest car with Octavia nameplate, expected to launch in India later this year, at price of around Rs 20+ lakhs.

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