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Skoda Rapid at Paris Motor Show


Czech auto manufacturers, Skoda have unveiled their new compact saloon, the 2013 Skoda Rapid at the Paris Motor Show currently underway till 14th of October 2012. This new Skoda car is scheduled to be released in European markets by autumn and follows the new Skoda Citigo which was unveiled earlier.

One aspect that is sure to draw a lot of attention to the new Skoda Rapid is the fact that it possesses a lot more room in its interiors as compared to its predecessor. It displays a new design, enhanced safety features and efficient engines while offering an outstanding cost : value ratio. Being portrayed as a family car, the Skoda Rapid comes with five engine choices, two diesel and three petrol variants.

Placed between Skoda Fabia and Skoda Octavia, Rapid is the first of Skoda series cars to come in with newly formulated design language which is evident in its proportions, clear and well contoured surfaces and sharp lines creating an attractive exterior with superbly fashioned interiors.

Grille is formed of vertical slats fitted in a chrome frame, its new logo is prominently displayed in the form of a cloverleaf shape and is seen on the front edge of the bonnet. The tailgate displays a new design element while its taillights are in a new “C” shape. Engine details and prices will be made known in due course.

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ŠKODA Rapid – ŠKODA at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris

?› The new ŠKODA Rapid – the new class of ŠKODA
› ŠKODA Rapid in world debut in Paris
› New compact saloon to be launched in Europe from October 2012, versions for China and Russia to follow
› ŠKODA in successful continuation of growth strategy
› Gains in sales, revenues and operating result so far this year
› ŠKODA fair showing in Paris on 2,050 sqm in pavilion 4

?Paris/Mladá Boleslav, 24 September 2012 –ŠKODA appearance at the 2012 Paris Automobile Salon (September 27th – October 14th, 2012) is dominated by the ŠKODA Rapid. This new compact saloon’s will be seeing its world debut in Paris. This car, the first to feature ŠKODA’s wholly new design, underscores the brand’s growth ambitions. The ŠKODA Rapid will be introduced in Europe from the end of October, continuing ŠKODA’s international model offensive. In 2012, the brand has been growing rapidly, raising deliveries to customers by 8.5 per cent to a new record of more than 633,300 from January through August. As in the past years, ŠKODA also proved very successful in the 2012 motorsport season, securing two of three titles several weeks ahead of season’s end.
In launching the ŠKODA Rapid, ŠKODA ignites the next stage of its model offensive. No surprise, then, that the brand’s new compact saloon is at the core of ŠKODA’s appearance at the Mondial in Paris. “The ŠKODA Rapid is ŠKODA’s new class and it has a central importance for our 2018 growth strategy. We think that in the years ahead, the Rapid will become our largest volume model after the Octavia,” says ŠKODA CEO Winfried Vahland. “Our new model line sets standards among compact saloons and it is a ŠKODA in the best sense: roomy, elegant and affordable at the same time, a car for the whole family, with clever solutions, modern technology, high efficiency and the best price-value ratio,” says Vahland.

The ŠKODA Rapid complements ŠKODA’s model palette between the smaller ŠKODA Fabia and the larger ŠKODA Octavia. The car’s extremely generous space offering is the benchmark in the segment. No other car in the segment offers as much knee and headroom and as large a boot volume (550 litres) as the new ŠKODA Rapid. “This is an extremely flexible saloon, and its boot has estate-car qualities,” says Vahland.

“Simply clever”: the car with the ice scraper inside the fuel filler flap

As in every ŠKODA, the subject of practicality has a special emphasis in the new ŠKODA Rapid. The new model features no less than 19 “simply clever” solutions. One example of a solution that is especially ingenious, is the ice scraper integrated in the fuel filler flap, providing the ice scraper with a fixed space in the car. No more cumbersome searches in winter. Other practical solutions include the reversible floor covering in the boot or practical holder underneath the driver’s seat for the warning vest that is mandatory in many places.

The ŠKODA Rapid is the brand’s first series car to feature ŠKODA’s new design: attractive, modern, clear, precise and timelessly elegant. At the centre of the car’s front is the new ŠKODA logo: a precisely executed winged arrow in chrome set on a black matte base and framed by a fine chrome line. The positioning of the car’s fog-lamps and headlights is reminiscent of a cloverleaf. The Rapid’s elegant side aspect impresses with a coupé-like silhouette and a clear division of surfaces and lines. The car’s rear end again stands for clarity, freshness and precision: the taillights show the ŠKODA-typical C design in its new shape with a fine crystalline grind.

In the field of safety, the ŠKODA Rapid impresses with a comprehensive active and passive safety equipment. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) is standard in many EU countries. The engine line-up in Europe includes four petrol and two diesel aggregates, with five especially efficient Green tec variants also available from launch.

2018 growth strategy brings results

In 2012, ŠKODA is showing continued good form. In the first eight months of the year, deliveries to customers rose 8.5 per cent to a new record of 633,300. In Russia alone, ŠKODA sales grew by 44.5 per cent. In India, the brand’s sales advanced by 34.5 per cent, in China by 7.1 per cent and in Europe as a whole by 5.8 per cent. Revenues in the first half of the year were up 6.6 per cent to 5.7 billion euros – another half-year record, as was the operating profit for the first six months (449 million euros). “ŠKODA’s 2018 growth strategy is bringing tangible results,” says Winfried Vahland. “In the first eight months of this year, we have further improved our position on world markets and created a basis on which we will continue on our growth course even in economically demanding times. ŠKODA is on a successful route and will continue to expand on this solid foundation in the years ahead with a view to raising sales to at least 1.5 million units per year by 2018.”

International model offensive in resolute implementation

In pursuing its growth plans, ŠKODA is building on the largest model offensive in its 117-year history. In the years ahead, the brand will launch a new or revised model every six months on average, building on its home market in Europe, but also especially on growth markets such as China, Russia and India.

In China – which has become ŠKODA’s largest sales market – the compact SUV will be manufactured in collaboration with Shanghai Volkswagen from 2013. Also from 2013, the Chinese version of the new ŠKODA Rapid will be launched onto the market. ŠKODA forecasts continued strong growth in Russia. In the first eight months of this year, the brand grew three times as strongly as the Russian market overall. Just a few weeks ago, at the Moscow auto salon, the brand exhibited its new Yeti Sochi special model – a preview of ŠKODA’s sponsoring of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The launch of the Russian ŠKODA Rapid is also steadily approaching: in early 2014, production of the compact saloon for the Russian market will begin at Volkswagen’s plant in Kaluga, Russia.

ŠKODA also sees great potential in the Indian market. For a year now, the Indian variant of the ŠKODA Rapid has been running off the line in Pune, India. The Indian compact saloon has established a presence for ŠKODA in the market’s largest segment.
The Indian ŠKODA Rapid is proving extremely with customers and immediately was voted India’s family car of the year. In the first eight months of 2012, the new model accounted about 60 per cent of the brand’s sales in India.

Motorsport: prospects of victory in three rally championships

As in earlier years, ŠKODA is again proving very successful on international rally courses this year with excellent prospects for a “triple” in the 2012 rally season with a ŠKODA driver already having secured the crown in two of three competitions. ŠKODA works driver Juho Hänninen, together with his co-pilot Mikko Markkula, became the early winner of the European rally championship, while ŠKODA pilot Jan Kopecký, with his co-pilot Pavel Dresler, took the honour of Czech champion. In addition, ŠKODA is clearly in the lead in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) and is on track for a third consecutive IRC makers’ trophy. Also, Andreas Mikkelsen of team ŠKODA UK Motorsport is in first place of the current IRC drivers’ ranking. This season’s results so far mean ŠKODA Motorsport is seamlessly extending its run of successes in recent years.


› ŠKODA location: pavilion 4, stand 215
› ŠKODA stand area: 2,050 sqm
› ŠKODA press conference: September 27th, 2012, 09:35 a.m.
› Number of ŠKODA vehicles on display on first press day: 8 – all Rapid
› Number of ŠKODA vehicles on display on second press day: 11 (5x Rapid, 1x Citigo 5T, 1x Citigo 3T, 1x Fabia Monte Carlo, 1x Yeti, 1x Octavia Combi RS, 1x Superb Combi L&K)
› Number of ŠKODA vehicles on display on general-public days: 11 (3x Rapid, 1x Citigo 5T, 1x Citigo 3T, 1x Fabia Monte Carlo, 1x Yeti, 1x Octavia Combi, 1x Octavia Combi RS, 1x Superb Combi L&K, 1x Roomster)
› Press days: September 27th – 28th, 2012
› General-public days: September 29th – October 14th, 2012