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Skoda Rapid Sedan to Cabriolet – Part of Skoda-VW Student Car Project

Skoda Rapid Sedan to Cabriolet
Skoda Rapid Sedan to Cabriolet

This project will allow student to gain hands on knowledge of the auto industry both in terms of theory and practice by designing their dream car from the company’s portfolio

Skoda Auto Volkswagen India Private Limited (SAVWIPL) has come up with a novel way to involve students in a car project. For this, students from the Group Academy’s Dual Vocational Training in Mechatronics program have been selected to design a car from the Skoda portfolio fuelled by innovative ideas.

While this is the first of its kind project in India, the company has been conducting the same internationally. Skoda Academy’s Azubi Student Car Project is now in its ninth iteration wherein Skoda vocational students in Mladá Boleslav have been designing and building their dream car since 2014. A similar project was conducted in July 2020 wherein students created a Slavia roadster which was based on the Scala small car. This exercise is named AZUBI student project and was undertaken by 26 boys and 5 girls.

Skoda’s Student Car Project in India

The Skoda car project in India offers these students an opportunity to show off their skills and ideas in designing their dream car, rebuilding one of the cars from the Skoda lineup. It comes in with fresh ideas which appeal to a younger and more adventurous segment while at the same time bringing out their natural talent allowing the students to project their ideas without any fear of rejection or failure. This project is a part of the Skill India initiative implemented by the Government of India.

The mechatronics students undertook this project and brought out a cabriolet version of the Skoda Rapid sedan. Detailed attention was paid to its design wherein the hard top sedan was transformed into a roofless cabriolet which required much skill and planning. As a part of the customization, the student placed a retractable Skoda logo on its bonnet wherein the winged arrow elevates from the bonnet but retracts at the touch of a button.

Skoda Rapid Sedan to Cabriolet
Skoda Rapid Sedan to Cabriolet

The design also includes LED lighting on the bonnet along with illuminated Skoda badging on the bootlid. For a sportier appeal, the cabriolet is seen in a royal blue paint contrasted with scarlet red seats and is designed with some black and yellow coloured accents on its character line and brake calipers.

Besides transforming the exteriors, the interiors also see some innovative modifications with a tablet like touchscreen infotainment system. Being of a cabriolet format which is devoid of a B pillar, the seat belt now gets integrated into the front seat while the seats get re-designed with scarlet red leather. The factory fitted exhaust has also been removed and in its place is a sportier exhaust system.

SAVWIPL Academy Empowering Next Gen Professionals

SAVWIPL Academy’s Dual Vocational Training in Mechatronics plans to introduce this Student Car Program into the student’s syllabus. It plans to hold one project each year with the selection of students made more competitive. Through this, the Academy will allow students a platform to showcase their initiatives and future ideas and gain practical knowledge in this field while at the same time contributing to the growth of the Academy.

This program which is being offered to 10th grade students is a full time 3.5 year course adopted from Germany. It helps school leavers hone their talents and develop new technologies while apprentices can get an opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge into more practical initiatives with confidence.

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