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Skoda Superb production crosses 7.5 lakhs, India’s contribution 15,170

Skoda prepares to launch third generation Skoda Superb in markets in June this year. Production had already commenced at their plant in Kvasiny, since March this year. Now, from the same plant, has rolled out 750,000th unit of Skoda’s flagship sedan, the all-new Superb.

First Generation Skoda Superb launched in 2001.

It has been since 2001 that Skoda Superb has been the company’s flagship model. Its third generation model launches in markets in June drawing attention to the Skoda design language and reaching new levels where comfort and technology is concerned.

The first generation Superb from 2001 to 2008 was a classic saloon regaled for its spaciousness and style. The second generation model from 2008 onwards saw the inclusion of new variable applications, increased on board technology and boasted of style and elegance. The estate version of Superb came in 2009 while the facelift came in 2013.

Now, the company gears up for launch of the third generation and completely redesigned Skoda Superb with the latest of innovations being offered by Skoda design team. The new Skoda Superb was recently on display at the Shanghai Auto Show in China. It will boast of vast interiors, safety features and powerful Euro 6 compliant engines.

Second Generation Skoda Superb launched in 2008.

Gearing up for its production, the company has invested heavily into the Kvasiny plant with 1.7 billion CZK ($69.4 million or Rs 4.4 billion) being invested in the car body assembly. Further investments of 7.2 billion CZK are being planned at site by 2018 while 1,300 new jobs will be created along with enhancement of production operations to approximately 280,000 units per annum.

Third Generation Skoda Superb launched in 2015.

Below is a break-down of how many Superb units were built across various Skoda plants across the globe.

Superb (B5) Kvasiny (Czech Republic) 136.068
Superb (B6) Kvasiny (Czech Republic) 379.600
Superb (B6) Aurangabad (India) 15.170
Superb (B6) Anting (China) 186.987
Superb (B6) Ningbo (China) 31.500
Superb (B8) Kvasiny (Czech Republic) 600
Superb (B8) Nanjing (China) 75

All three generations of Skoda Superb.
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