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Skoda Supercare, Extended warranty for 6 yrs – Rapid, Superb, Karoq

Skoda SuperCare, and Extended Warranty Programme have been introduced to ensure hassle-free car ownership experience

SuperCare is the rechristened and revised take on the ‘Service Maintenance Package’ Skoda offered. Curated for cost benefits, customers can avail of specified preventive maintenance, and wear and tear repair work for up to four years. And then some more with its extended warranty programme.

Protection is warranted for spare part price and labour charge inflation, authentic fitments with two years or unlimited kilometres part warranty, job work by certified technicians, redemption at all dealership facilities, multiple payment options and cashless service, and transferability to a subsequent owner when vehicle is resold. The upfront expense holds in good stead as one doesn’t need to pay pay for parts listed, or labour, which over time entails cost revisions.

Skoda SuperCare 2-year and 4-year package

‘SuperCare’ for 4 years or 60,000 km starts at a cost of Rs 29,999, and includes Standard, Enhanced, and Comprehensive options. It can be availed a year from date of purchase (or the first service, whichever is earlier). Existing customers can avail of SuperCare 2 year package or 30,000 km, at a starting price of Rs 15,777.

Skoda Karoq
Skoda Karoq

Standard Package covers engine oil, oil filter, drain plug, washer, air / pollen / fuel filter, spark plug, brake fluid, V belt, HALDEX coupling oil, ATF, etc. as per the manufacturer maintenance schedule. Enhanced Package includes the above, and front windshield wipers, front and rear brake pads and disc, etc.

Comprehensive Package includes the above, and battery, flywheel, and clutch assembly i.e. the clutch plate, pressure plate and release bearing. Coverage begins a month from package purchase date. Purchases and validity are outlined by predetermined km/time limit. Added charges are applicable for warranty requirement of parts not listed in the packages.

Skoda Extended Warranty Programme

Skoda Extended Warranty Programme is available at a starting price of Rs 30,975, and entails additional warranty for fifth and sixth year or 1,50,000 kilometres (whichever is earlier) from purchase date. Curated for six year hassle free ownership experience, the programme is for all Skoda cars on sale (Rapid, Octavia RS245, Karoq, Superb). Warranty extension can be availed by existing customers who have a vehicle under the four year warranty programme (purchased on / after 1 September 2016, and below 97,000 km). All who avail of the package, can transfer it to the next owner at the time of resale.

Zac Hollis, Brand Director – ŠKODA AUTO India, said: “In line with our customer centric approach, the new extended warranty programme now takes the PEACE OF MIND philosophy to the next level. Customers can now avail the attractive offer of fifth and sixth year warranty – coupled with convenient and ‘value for money’ 2 year and 4 year ŠKODA SuperCare service and maintenance packages.”

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