SKODA supports 2014 Winter Olympics to be held in Sochi, Russia

When the Winter Olympic Games are held in Russia in the year 2014, Skoda will be focusing its brand presence at these games. Skoda Auto Russia is already a staunch supporter of the IIHF ice hockey world championship tournament and with its presence at the winter sports it can hope to increase its brand presence in the country.

The Skoda Yeti Sochi will be launched in the year 2013 and this model will be the front runner from Skoda for these games. This new Yeti special edition is named on the Russian city of Sochi where the Winter Games will be held. The car boasts of a four wheel drive system powered by a 1.8 TSI petrol engine which is capable of producing 112 kW (148 bhp). This model is incorporated with a six speed double clutch transmission which provides superb control for this vehicle. The model will be available in candy white and will be styled elegantly.

Apart from the presence of the Yeti at these games, Skoda is looking to promote is presence at these games by hosting a number of campaigns and activities. Through these campaigns, Skoda will assert its partnership for the winter games. Interactive booths will be setup for customers to find out interesting details about the brand. Sochi corners and ice hockey tables will be placed in and around the Automobile Salon so as to allow people to play miniature hockey and indulge in the spirit of the winter games.

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For more information, read the news release below.

Auto News Release

ŠKODA AUTO Supports 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia

    ŠKODA sponsorship part of Volkswagen Group Russia’s automobile partnership with the 2014 Winter Olympics
    ŠKODA Yeti Sochi special model in world debut in Moscow
    First-time sponsoring of winter games a logical extension of ŠKODA’s long-running ice hockey sponsoring strategy
Moscow/Mladá Boleslav, August 2012 – “ŠKODA goes Olympia”: when the Olympic flame burns in the Russian city of Sochi from February 7thto the 23rd, 2014, Czech carmaker ŠKODA will also be visibly on hand at the Winter Olympics. As part of the involvement of Volkswagen Group Russia, national partner of the 2014 Winter Olympics, ŠKODAAUTO RUSSIA will be participating in the event, to be held in the Black Sea city of Sochi. Support of the Olympics means ŠKODA will send another strong signal in winter sports. After all, the company has been the official main sponsor of the IIHF ice hockey world championship for 20 years. No surprise, then, that the two sponsoring focuses mark the brand’s presence at the Moscow International Automobile Salon.
“The Sochi Winter Olympics will be the showcase event in winter sports in the years ahead. Our involvement will enable us to reach a broad international public both on location and through the media, resolutely strengthening our brand’s recognition and image,” says ŠKODA CEO Winfried Vahland. “We are delighted to support Winter Olympics for the first time ever. Our sponsoring shows what great achievements our company has made in recent years. It will strengthen our position in Russia and ŠKODAbrand’s international standing. Also, our involvement is the perfect complement to our long-standing support for the ice hockey world championship as main sponsor.”
The ŠKODA Yeti Sochi special model is the first tangible preview of the brand’s sponsoring commitment to the 2014 Winter Olympics. The ŠKODAYeti Sochi will be launched in Russia in 2013. This attractive special Yeti model in candy white impresses with special Winter Games branding, its lavish trim, attractive styling, four-wheel drive and powerful engine. Its 1.8 TSI petrol engine puts out 112 kW and is fitted with a 6-speed double-clutch transmission.
In addition to this new special ŠKODA model, the brand will engage in a wide variety of activities as part of its involvement in the Winter Olympics. This will comprise an exclusive partnership with the Russian Winter Olympics team through 2016 as well as participation in the “2014 Sochi Olympic Road Show” from 2011 through 2013 and involvement in the Olympic torch run in 2013/2014. “ŠKODA will be making a strong stand on the occasion of the 2014 Winter Games,” says Vahland.
Besides the presentation of the ŠKODA Yeti Sochi special model, ŠKODA‘s appearance in Moscow will be strongly marked by its sponsoring focuses, the 2014 Winter Games and ice hockey. Visitors to the Automobile Salon can find out more about the brand’s activities in dedicated “Sochi corners” and “Ice hockey corners.” The stand is also sure to generate sporting ambition as visitors can play miniature ice hockey matches against each other at playing tables. Also, original ice hockey equipment will be on display, as will be a replica of the world champion cup.
Ice hockey, one of the most popular sports in Russia, has been a central element of ŠKODA’ s sponsoring strategy for 20 years. The 2012 IIHF championship was the 20th time ŠKODA served as main sponsor. This is unique in the sponsoring history of sports world championship and has even been noted in the Guinness Book of Records. “Ice hockey is a perfect fit for ŠKODA. Our sponsoring of this fascinating sport has strongly contributed to raising ŠKODA’s image and popularity on international markets,” says ŠKODA CEO Vahland. The current contract between ŠKODA and the International Ice Hockey Federation has already been extended to run to the year 2017.