Skoda Vision E Concept interiors and exteriors teased ahead of debut

Skoda's first electric study VISION E will be among the five electric vehicles which the company plans to launch by 2025.

Skoda VISION E, the Czech company’s first electric study will make its official debut at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show later this month. It will be at this show that various insights into Skoda electro mobility strategy will be revealed even as the company plans 5 electric vehicles across various segments by 2025.

Skoda VISION E concept is the first electric production car from the company. It is a five door SUV promising a range will be powered by a new of 500 kms on pure electric power.

This concept is based on Volkswagen’s newly developed MEB platform. It stands 4,645mm long, 1,917mm wide and 1,550mm tall and will sit on a wheelbase measuring 2,850mm. It lithium-ion battery pack located in the hub of the vehicle. The two electric motors, positioned on the front and rear axles, have a combined output of 305 PS and a top speed of 180 kmph.

Skoda revels that this VISION E concept is capable of achieving level 3 autonomous driving. It is fitted with sensors of varying ranges and a host of cameras allowing the SUV to maneuver itself through traffic jams, locate parking spots and park and vacate the parking areas independently.

Being front and rear wheel drive allows the SUV to adjust to an elevated degree of stability, safety and performance. Interior space is at a premium and seating position is elevated. A sloping roofline allows for better head space. Interiors will also sport a 12” touchscreen infotainment system with a highly efficient connectivity option and a digital instrument cluster.

Skoda plans five pure electric vehicles across a range of segments by 2025. Its first such offering will rival the Tesla Model X.