The reason this guy crashed his scooter – Sleeping while riding (Video)

A man in Thailand with his head slumped to his right side was riding on a scooter, captured the attention of a following motorist. Caught on camera, the sleeping man veered left towards the pavement, leaves a string of panicking pedestrians, swerving vehicles and drivers waving, honking and shouting in an attempt to wake him up.

Obviously in deep sleep and totally oblivious of the trail of panicking motorists and pedestrians, the man continues to ride his moped in his sleep.

sleeping rider

Even the loud honking from a following motorist fails to wake him up. The video captures the entire event while the man rides from left to right in a state of oblivion. Fortunately the rider was at a high speed, so not much damage was done. Even veering into the pavement does not seem to hamper the sleeping rider who somehow manages to turn away at the last moment.

The sleeping rider continues on his journey only to finally crash into a pedestrian causing him to fall to the ground. It is not clear from the video if either the sleeping rider or the pedestrian were injured in the crash.

Below is the video.

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