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Smart ForTwo electric drive vs world’s fastest cars in drag race – Video

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Smart ForTwo electric drive version goes drag racing against three of fastest cars in the world, including Ford Mustang and Porsche Boxster.

[youtube][/youtube]Ford Mustang is powered with as high as a 5.0-liter V-8 engine producing 420 horsepower, while Porsche Boxster gets a 2.7 litre engine pushing 265 hp. Indubitably Smart ForTwo did not race past them to the finish line, until folks at Smart thought smart. Being an electric vehicle and a city car, Smart ForTwo has the necessity to move from halt swiftly and this is what the drag race was all about.

Smart ForTwo drag race.pngConsidering the line drawn 5 metres away from start point as finish marker, the muscle and sports cars lost to the electric competitor. Smart ForTwo outsmarts the big engined rivals with its nil delay for peak torque and ability to zip across in creeks and cracks in city traffic, and highlights that this is what matters while driving in city.

[youtube][/youtube]Smart ForTwo electric drive version houses a 17.6 kWh battery and covers a range of 68 gas-free miles (109 km) per charge, combined of city and highway run. Any household on-board 110-volt socket can be used to plug the Smart’s cord and charge the ForTwo up. A 240-volt Bosch Keba station can also be purchased and installed at home or office to charge up twice as fast. Public charging stations such as PlugShare and ChargePoint can be accessed to charge in between your weekend trip or busy schedule.

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