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smart fortwo Valentine’s day special with Ruben Studdard and Case in NYC


New York City saw 2 smart fortwo cars be part of “smart crooners,” to give New Yorkers a Valentine’s Day surprise that played out with serenades by celebrity crooners to Manhattan folk.

Flowers and chocolates at the workplace was part of the special day celebration. smart Twitter followers needed to tweet their location or that of someone special to @smartcarUSA #smartcrooners and ask to be serenaded by American music sensations Case, the Grammy Award-nominated R&B singer-songwriter; and Ruben Studdard.

Both smart fortwos drove around the city, each with a celebrity artist riding along in the passenger seat. With tweets coming in, the day’s four-wheeled Cupids made it to as many destinations as possible. Whether it was crowded curbs or tiny parking spots, both smarts were perfect to drive through the city, and had an artist quickly perform an impromptu song.

“smart crooners is fun, spontaneous, and exactly the kind of Valentine’s Day gift you would expect from a brand like smart,” said Drew Slaven, vice president of marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA (MBUSA), which manages smart operations in the U.S. “Since the smart is a two-seater, we’ve always wanted to build a campaign around couples and love. But today, it doesn’t matter who you’re with—just hop on our Twitter feed and you might just get a surprise performance by some great talent from a small car with big personality.”



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