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Lohia Auto launches India’s first solar powered e-rickshaw

Lohia Auto Industries, the automobile division of Lohia Global has showcased a range of innovative electric products at the 2016 EV Expo held at Pragati Maidan held from December 24 to 27 2016.

The company showcased Hamrahi solar powered e-rickshaw and Narain hydraulic tipper e-rickshaw along with India’s first electric three wheeler auto.

Both Hamrahi and Narain are customized electric vehicles designed to save electricity and offer safe, efficient and reliable transportation. Hamrahi, the solar powered rickshaw, uses batteries which charge on the run on a sunny day as against a battery rickshaw that uses conventional form of electricity to charge batteries. This solar powered e-rickshaw increases efficiency of the vehicle while solar panels enhance mileage to the extent of 10-15% over a 10 year life cycle. The solar panel is fitted to the roof of the r-rickshaw which charges the vehicle during trips.

Narain hydraulic tipper e-rickshaw comes in with a payload capacity of 350 kgs. It receives a hydraulic system to unload material and serves the purpose of a delivery van or garbage collector. India’s first electric three wheeler comes in fitted with a 5.7 kW motor while it has the capacity to carry upto three passengers.

OMA STAR LI, a lithium ion battery electric two wheeler was also showcased by Lohia Auto. This vehicle has a quick charging time of less than 3 hours while battery life is extended to over 1000 cycles.

All vehicles showcased by Lohia Auto is a part of the company’s endeavor to provide clean and green mobility in the country. It is the company’s plan to tackle the rising levels of pollution in India especially in the larger cities. While currently all three wheelers are powered by diesel or CNG, these e-rickshaws from Lohia Auto would go a long way in bringing down harmful auto emissions.

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