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Solar Team Eindhoven unveils Stella Lux: A family solar car with 1,000 kms range (Photos and Video)

Stella Lux is a four seater family solar car developed by a group of 21 students from different faculties of the Eindhoven University of Technology. It claims a range of 1,000 kms in Dutch climate going upto 1100 in Australian climate. Stella Lux will be put to the ultimate test at the World Solar Challenge in Australia later this year.

Stella Lux first presentation in front of media.

The students have put aside their studies for 18 months to develop this car which spells efficiency, intelligence and comfort. With its success and performance (yet to be proven) later this year, the students hope to bring forth what could be termed as the car of the future.

Stella Lux is able to generate electricity through 5.8 sq mtrs of solar cells along with a 15 kWh battery while the car claims a top speed of 125 kmph. Built in an aerodynamic design and of lightweight material, the use of carbon fiber and aluminum ensures that weight of the car is at 375 kgs.

Stella Lux Solar Car at its official unveiling.

Stella Lux has a tunnel through its center for optimized aerodynamics while it sports an extended roof on either side. Its well designed Solar Navigation system allows detailed track of weather conditions, selecting the optimal route automatically. Besides being regaled for its performance on solar power, Stella Lux also boasts of other features such as the facility to unlock car doors via a connected smartphone and a touch-screen with haptic buttons allowing easy operation without drivers taking eyes off the road.

Stella Lux – A Short Video


When put to the test at Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia from 18-25 October 2015, Stella Lux will be participating in the Cruiser Class. The challenge will see 47 teams from 25 countries participating and set is across a 3,000 km challenging stretch of outback from Darwin to Adelaide.

Two teams from India are also going to participate in the solar challenge. They are R.V. College of Engineering and KL University. Name of their cars are Soleblaze and Mahadvith respectively. Both Indian teams will compete in the Challenger category.

Confirmed entries for 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

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