Politician’s son in Land Rover kills Maruti Swift driver because of overtaking

Police sources have confirmed that 30-year-old Rocky Yadav has finally been arrested. He has confessed to the killing of Aditya Sachdeva for overtaking his vehicle in Gaya district while the luxury vehicle and .32 Italian pistol have also been seized by the police.

Rocky Yadav is the son of ruling Janata Dal (United) legislator Manorama Devi. He has confessed to the Saturday night killing while his father Bindi Yadav and Rajesh Kumar, bodyguard of his mother, have also been arrested and sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

Aditya Sachdeva (Left), died because he overtook Rocky Yadav's Land Rover (Right).
Aditya Sachdeva (Left), died because he overtook Rocky Yadav’s Land Rover (Right).

The hit and run incident occurred in Gaya, Bihar on Saturday. Sachdeva was in a limited edition Maruti Swift while Rocky drove a Land Rover Discovery. The shooting was nothing but plain and simple road rage incident.

As Sachdeva overtook Yadav, the accused whipped out his revolver and fired in the air to stop the car. The teen was punched and his friends manhandled while when they tried to leave, Rocky fired at the rear windscreen of the Swift which hit 20-year-old Sachdeva leading to his death.

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BJP leader Prem Kumar has demanded punishment and speedy trial into the case and also demanded that the accused should not be spared from the severest of punishment. Manorama Devi has stated that her son will depose and face law.