Sonalika Potato Special Tractor range launched – Priced from INR 3 lakh

Sonalika ITM, well versed in the production of agricultural equipment, now brings in a Potato Special Tractor range. The range of tractors which includes four different models has been introduced taking into account the special needs of potato farmers in the country.

These farmers face many problems when having to use regular farm tractors for planting, inter-culture operations and digging functions.


The new Potato Special Tractor range offers an adjustable track width which can be adjusted according to specifications. This feature considerably reduces loss of potatoes as was seen in the case of a non-adjustable rear wheel alignment offered on regular tractors.

The recently introduced Sonalika ITM Potato Special Tractor range will be on offer across potato growing regions of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra. The range will offer farmers several benefits among which are ease of operation along with time efficiency. Turning radius of these Potato Special Tractors has also been reduced offering better maneuverability between tracks while hydraulics has also been greatly improved along with lifting capacities.


Sonalika Potato Special Tractor range is ergonomically built taking into consideration driver comforts while also sturdier in stance to cater to the evolving needs of potato farming. Its solid performance will serve as an asset to potato farmers in the country.

Of the four models launched, DI 745 III and DI 745 III Rx are positioned in 47 HP category, while DI 60 MM Super and DI 60 MM Super Rx are in the 55 HP category.

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