Sonalika Solis 120 tractor introduced

The Sonalika Solis 120 which is claimed to be the first 120 hp tractor to be indigenously developed in India has been introduced. The farm equipment will be sold in domestic as well as export markets.

The Solis 120 adopts a design which is up to global standards and prioritizes ergonomics. Detailed technical specifications are still under wraps but the company has revealed that the engine is a six-cylinder turbocharged unit which is mated to a 24+24 gearbox.

Sonalika Solis 120 hp tractor (2)
The tractor has a lift capacity of 4,500 kg.

The CRDi engine complies with European and American emission norms. The Solis 120 has an impressive lift capacity of 4,500 kg.

Sonalika is currently one of the top three tractor brands in India and runs a flourishing export operation. The company, under its international Solis brand, enjoys market leadership in markets like Algeria, Nepal and Bangladesh. It also has strong presence in Latin and South America, Europe, etc.

The Solis 120 targets commercial farmers by promising to simplify their arduous work. Deepak Mittal, MD, Sonalika ITL, said that, in the next five years, the company will be aiming to achieve a respectable market share in China and USA which are the second and third largest tractor markets respectively.

The company’s exports grew by 24% in the last four months which is against the industry trend. In July 2016, Sonalika ITL became the leading exporter of tractors from India by shipping over 1,500 units.

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