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Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor India Launch Price Rs 5.99 Lakh

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor
Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

Tiger Electric gets its power via a IP67 compliant 25.5 kW natural cooling battery – To be fully charged via home charging point in 10 hours

Sonalika Tractors has launched the field ready Tiger electric tractor in India. Designed in Europe, this tractor boasts of the latest in global technology solutions and comes across at the first electric tractor in the country. This endeavour is a part of the Government of India’s ‘Make-in-India’ initiative and target to move towards electric vehicles by the year 2030.

Launched on ‘Farmer’s Day’

Sonalika’s Tiger Electric tractor is launched in ‘Farmer’s Day’ (23rd Dec). It delivers seamless power, is capable of zero carbon footprint and offers Indian farmers noiseless farming. Its facility for easy charging via a home charger in a matter of 10 hours is also a part of its convenience features and reduces the trips to fuel stations for refills. The company is also offering fast charging facility option, via which you can charge 100% in 4 hours.

Tiger Electric is produced from the Sonalika manufacturing unit in Hoshiarpur in Punjab. This plant is powered by robotics and automation and is capable of rolling out a new tractor every 2 minutes.

Introductory Pricing

Launched at an introductory price of Rs.5,99,000, this new electric tractor from Sonalika is open for bookings at all company showrooms across the country. It receives the same global technology that is offered to American and European farmers.

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor
Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor is powered by a IP67 compliant, 25.5 kW natural cooling compact battery that offers 1/4th running cost of a diesel powered tractor. The motor offers high power density and high peak torque with zero rpm drop for efficient performance and this high torque relates to faster pick up across any load conditions.

Tiger Electric is capable of a top speed of 24.93 km/h with battery backup of 8 hours while operating with a 2 tonne trolley. It is built for better comfort for farmers as there is no heat transferred from the engine while it is made up of fewer parts that vastly reduces vibration. This also relates to less production down time and practically zero maintenance costs.

Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor
Sonalika Tiger Electric Tractor – Features

Sonalika In India

Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, has commented that the Tiger Electric tractor is the company’s commitment to accelerate India towards a greener future and is in line with the Government of India’s plan for introducing electric vehicles by 2030.

Sonalika Tractors leads industrial growth with November 2020. The company reported 71 percent growth in the past month with sales at 11,478 units, its third highest monthly sales in FY21. The company offers customized tractors and implements helping the farmer to increase productivity which makes the company’s products the first choice for farmers in the country.

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