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Sonalika Tractor DI 750 III HDM with advanced technology launched

Third largest tractor manufacturer in the country, Sonalika Tractors announced the launch of new range of DI 750 III HDM (Heavy Duty Mileage) tractors with advanced technology today, at a press conference in Pune.

The new range of Sonalika Tractor DI 750 III HDM series has been specially designed focusing on the needs of today’s farmer who wants heavy duty tractor with more power, speed and mileage.

Speaking about their new DI 750 III HDM tractor, Sonalika says that it is slotted in the above 50 hp category. It now has a lift capacity of 2,000 kg via a 4 cylinder diesel engine at 2,000 rpm.

Compared to the older variant, this one has advanced features, more speed during haulage and a better fuel efficiency. In numbers, the new engine is 10% more powerful and consumes 15% lesser fuel, thereby adding to the savings of farmers across the country.
Along with the DI 750 III HDM, Sonalika also launched Rx 47 4WD and GARDENTRAC 22 tractors. The Rx 47 AWD now comes with a much needed all wheel drive system. It delivers best-in-class performance in agri-applications, thanks to better traction from a 4WD system. It has a lift capacity of 1,600 kg form a 3 cylinder engine at 2,100 rpm.

Gardentrac 22 tractor has been designed for farmers with special needs for their land, like those who have orchards of Pomegranate, Apple, Grapes, etc. It is also useful for those who have row crops like sugarcane, groundnut, cotton, etc. Key features include light-weight, compact in size, small turning radius, 4 wheel drive system. Deliveries of new range will commence in coming weeks.
The reason Sonalika Tractors chose Pune as the launch venue, is because the region has already registered among the highest sales till date. Sonalika stated that over 45,000 tractors in this range have been already sold in the state of Maharashtra. Their dealership network is spread across the state with 90 outlets. The company aims at widening the network even further.

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