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Sonalika Tractor Sales April 2021 – Registers Higher Growth Than Industry Avg

New Sonalika Tractor
New Sonalika Tractor

Over 9.1k Sonalika tractors sold in April 2021 in what is fast turning to be an uncertain market plagued by disease and lockdown

Sonalika registers overall sales of 9,130 tractors in April ’21. This in the backdrop of an increasingly difficult business environment. Covid-19 pandemic infections have a firm grip in India at present with numbers reaching continuous daily highs.

Sonalika Tractors is committed to 100 percent vaccination of its workforce. Over 5.4k vaccines have been administered at its Hoshiarpur facility. The manufacturer aims to ensure it’s entire workforce, channel partners, and dealer staff across age-groups is vaccinated by May ’21.

Moreover, Sonalika’s teams remain fully committed to develop robust quality products for the farmers across the globe and support them with our superior quality service for maximum uptime of our advanced technology powered products. Overall, Sonalika has sold overall 9,130 tractors in April’21

Importance of vaccination

Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, said, “India is witnessing one of the worst times in its history and it is time that we all join hands together to support our country rise up again. Today, everyone’s health is of prime importance and vaccination would help to win the war against the current challenging situation, where sales stands today to be secondary.”

Sonalika Tractor Sales Sep 2020
Sonalika Tractor

A YoY comparison for April 2021 is not possible. This on account of a nationwide lockdown announced in March 2020 that extended until May 2020. The control measure had brought all auto manufacturing and sales activity to a halt, meaning no business activity was undertaken in April 2020. Since then, the industry has cautiously stepped forward. However, current situations mean states are imposing lockdowns, which would once again curtail retail activity in varying capacities.

Uncertain start to FY22

The company ended FY21 on a high point having reported growing sales on a continual basis in return months. Domestic growth surpassed 40 percent over FY20. 1,39,526 tractors were sold. In March 2021 sales was reported at 8,681 units. The company has reported MoM growth.

Recovery in tractor sales through FY21 was attributed to recovery in rural economy owing to a good harvest. At the time, covid cases was limited. However, current trend shows the spread of Covid-19 is more rampant and widespread. It’s left to be seen how rural markets cope as the pandemic rages on.

YoY March 2021 and April 2021 sales looks positive on account of low/no base sales in the same months in 2020. With pandemic growth unabated in rural areas this time around, tractor sales could bear the brunt of this catastrophic infection spread. Uncertainty has caused a limp in supply chains too.

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