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Sonalika Tractor Sales Feb 2021 – Registers 22.5% Growth

Sonalika Tiger Tractor
Sonalika Tiger Tractor

Sonalika has already reported sales of 1.06L for FY21, it’s highest ever in 11 months

FY21 is at its fag end. With only a month to go, Sonalika continues to make positive strides. For starters the company has already surpassed FY20 sales with another full month of business yet to be concluded.

With this, the company has already reported its highest ever cumulative domestic tractor sales of 1,06,432 tractors in just 11 months. And this number will improve further by March end. Sales growth is reported at 35.5 percent over the same 11 months in FY20.

Sonalika tractor sales in Feb 21

Sonalika says this is no ordinary feat. The accomplishment is the ‘fastest ever 1 lakh tractor sales among all tractor brands in domestic market since inception’. In February 2021, Sonalika reported overall sales of 11,821 tractors, up 22.49 percent from 9,650 tractors sold in Feb ’20.

Sonalika has been able to register robust performance month after month all through FY21. The manufacturer is committed to increase farm mechanisation rapidly. Alongside, the company strives towards affordable farm prosperity for its fast growing customer base. Sonalika’s heavy duty product portfolio in 20-120 HP range is manufactured at its Hoshiarpur facility. The plant deploys robotics and automation to manufacture high quality products.

Sonalika Tractor Sales Feb 2021
Sonalika Tractor Sales Feb 2021

Sonalika farm mechanisation outreach

Sonalika already doe business in more than 130 countries. Sonalika already accesses a repertoire of advanced technologies in global markets. The manufacturer remains committed to introduce the likes in the Indian market in an affordable way. R&D team os focused on developing modern tractors and implements with farmer feedback inputs.

As farming requirements vary depending on topography, crop and weather, the requirement of a wide range of tractors and implements is the norm. The company is able to customise its farm equipment asper crops and geographies. Robust business opportunities will see the company launch products through 2021. Customisation will be a key focus area to increase farmer’s income, and lead its ‘Agri Evolution’ quest.

Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, said, “I feel overwhelmed in sharing that we have crossed our highest ever cumulative domestic sales of 1,06,432 tractors in just 11 months (April’20-Feb’21), registering growth of 35.5% as compared to same period last year.

Notably, it is also the fastest ever 1 lakh domestic tractor sales by any tractor brand in the Indian market since its inception and clearly reflects on the growing trust of farmers in Sonalika. The sublime performance that Sonalika has posted month after month throughout in FY’21 is an outcome of our strategic decision to periodically launch customised tractors that are equipped with advanced yet affordable technologies.”

He added, “The Indian farmers are eager to adopt smart farming techniques while addressing their varied agri requirements and increase productivity significantly. The domestic market is fast graduating towards higher HP tractors and while we fully understand dynamic market requirements, we will continue with our trend to introduce revolutionary tractors in India that will speed up farm mechanisation growth in the country.”

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