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Sonalika Tractor Sales Growth Reported At 71 Percent For November 2020

Sonalika Tractor Sales Nov 2020
Sonalika Tractor Sales Nov 2020

Sonalika tractors domestic growth in November 2020 far exceeds market estimate

Sonalika has reported 71 percent domestic sales growth at 11,478 units sold in November ’20. The company is thankful to farmers across the globe for their trust and confidence shown MoM in FY21 in the manufacturer’s technologically advanced, customised product offerings.

Farmer support during pre-season and festive season has powered domestic growth at 71 percent. Industry growth for November 2020 was estimated at 49 percent. Cumulatively sales (Dom + Exports) for FY21 YTD (April – November) is reported at 92,913 tractors.

Raman Mittal, Executive Director, Sonalika Group, said, “I am pleased to share that our strategy to offer customised farming solutions has won us the farmer’s trust in our technologically advanced products. This noteworthy trust has powered us to surpass industry growth month after month by a significant margin.”

Sonalika tractors and implements

Customised tractors and implements from Sonalika bring together advanced features to increase farmer productivity, which makes the company’s products a prime choice. The same has helped the company report highest growth in the tractor industry.

Sonalika Tractor Sales

As the festive season in southern region approaches, farming activity as at its peak at this time of the year. Sonalika is fully geared up with its Mahabali series, the World’s first Puddling special tractor custom made to meet crop and soil requirements of farmers in the region. Mahabali range is designed and developed especially for the region with valuable consumer insights to increase productivity and income level.

In a MoM comparison, Sonalika tractors sales has fallen from October 2020 when sales was reported at 19k units. In September 2020 too sales was higher at 16k units. For the manufacturer, November 2020 sales is the third highest monthly sales for FY21.

Indian farming outlook 2020

Currently the economy is in the grip of recession but through a long period of slow activaty, and limited to restricted sales, farm activity has been leading with the right foot forward. Monsoon conditions to0 have been helpful across diverse farming conditions in 2020 leading to a good harvest, and water reservoir levels.

Rural sentiments are strong and cash flow healthy. This propelled with the unavailability of steady labour owing to lockdown that prompted a great labour migration back to native villages meant the need for tractors for timely sowing and other activities was paramount.

Sonalika tractor sales triumphed that of Escorts last month. The latter reported domestic sales of 9,662 units. Mahindra tractor sales in the domestic market grew at 55 percent, up at 31,619 units in November 2020 from 20,414 units YoY. Overall tractor industry sales has been in the green in the January – October 2020 period despite having to endure zero sales during complete nationwide lockdown.

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