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Sondors Electric Motorcycle Called Metacycle Debuts – 130 Kms Range

Sondors Electric Motorcycle
Sondors Electric Motorcycle

Pre-orders open on the Sondors’ website with shipments set to commence towards the end of this year

Sondors, an e-bike maker with several bikes and mopeds in its company lineup, has added a new electric motorcycle called Metacycle. Priced at $5,000 (Rs.3.66 lakhs), this highly affordable electric motorcycle offers an 80 miles (130 kms) range.

Sondors Electric Motorcycle is equipped with a 4000 watt hour 72 volt battery. The battery can be charged via a 110 volt wall outlet in a matter of 4 hours with the motor capable of 20 hp and 8 kW thrust with a top speed of 80 mph.

Design and Features

The new electric Metaycle from Sondors is designed for urban use and to take on congested city streets and highways. It weighs 91 kgs and is constructed out of lightweight aluminum with a cast eco-frame with sleek, narrow profile. Its features include LED lighting for head and tail lamps and swappable batteries.

The electric bike also gets turn signals in the front incorporated into the sides of the halo headlamp. A single seat, wide set handlebars, rear view mirrors and large tyres are also a part of the features seen on the new Metacycle.

Sondors Electric Motorcycle
Sondors Electric Motorcycle

Another striking feature is a built in wireless charger for a smartphone located under a translucent panel where the fuel tank of a regular bike is generally positioned. It also gets a large display integrated into the frame making it easy for the rider to access information such as speed or battery level.

Braking and suspension is via inverted fork suspension in the front and hydraulic brakes from Brembo subsidiary Bybre. It comes in at a relatively much cheaper price tag of $5,000. Expect deliveries to commence from October 2021.

E-scooter Brands in India

There is no indication of the Sondors Metacycle ever coming to India where there are eScooter brands such as Okinawa, Hero Electric, Ather and Ampere gaining ground in this segment. A surge in initiatives into the EV arena being introduced by the Government of India has also seen increased sales while improvement in charging infrastructure and benefits to automakers will surely take this segment to greater heights.

The notion however of cheaper electric vehicles could be a flawed one. This expectation in large way thwarts the research and development process, and market maturity should be a longterm focus. The choice of electric vehicles should be one made to compact dependency on fuel, and the dream of a cleaner environment. But a lot of this is sidetracked in favour of an inherent expectation of an electric vehicle that’s cheaper.

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