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Sony Electric Car Starts Public Road Testing – 1 Year After Its Reveal

Sony Electric Car
Sony Electric Car

Vision-S electric car features a technology that alters the temperature of the cabin depending on the driver’s behaviour

Electric vehicles are the new normals in the automotive world. Every now and then we hear about a new electric car being developed and tested around some corner of the world. But when we hear a name like Sony being attached to a car, everyone sits up to take notice of it.

Yes, Sony indeed has been developing an electric car which the world came to know about a year ago when it was unveiled at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 as Vision-S electric car concept. A new video from the Japanese tech giant shows that a prototype of the car has taken to the roads for testing.

The video shows a prototype of the EV wearing a camouflage-style wrap and a number plate being tested on the snowy roads of Austria with alpine woods covered in snow. The company has its engineering center in Graz, Austria.

After its maiden appearance at CES in January 2020, the prototype moved to Tokyo in July 2020 for advancing its sensing and audio technologies. Though testing on public roads has already begun, the EV does not go on sale anytime soon.

Specs- No lag in performance surely

Information about the Vision-S electric car has been scarce. The specs announced on the concept car included a dual-motor with an all-wheel-drive setup generating an output of 536 bhp, 0-100 kmph acceleration time of 4.8 seconds and a claimed top speed of 240 kmph. At the time of its unveiling, Sony admitted that the Vision-S concept was developed as a means to showcase the company’s in-car entertainment and autonomous driving systems.

Features and Technologies galore on Sony Vision-S

As expected, the tech giant has packed the prototype with high-end technologies including camera sensors and more. Speaking of technologies, Sony has equipped the Vision-S prototype with 40 sensors both inside as well as outside instead of the originally intended 33 claimed at ACE last year in order to enhance its autonomous driving capabilities. These sensors include Solid State LiDAR for day and object detection and night-time vision and CMOs image sensors which help in object detection, colour identification and road sensing.

Elaborating further on the technology part, the most eye-grabbing moment is a large widescreen encompassing the entire dashboard. The cabin also features cameras which continuously monitor driver and passenger facial expressions, gestures, and lip reading.

Sony Electric Car Dashboard
Sony Electric Car Dashboard

Another highlight is 360 Reality Audio which offers an immersive audio experience. The infotainment system also offers a 5G connectivity which also allows one to play your favourite game on PlaySation.

Currently, the prototype has been equipped with Level 2 autonomous driving technology with features such as adaptive cruise control, automatic lane changing and a self-parking system. However, with improvement in technology in the coming future, Sony intends the final production car to be equipped with Level 4 ability which means full self-driving capabilities.

Other details

Some of its technology on board seemed to have been developed in association with its partners including Blackberry, Bosch, Magna Steyr, Nvidia and others. In terms of dimension, the Vision-S prototype measures 4,895 mm in length, 1,900 mm in width and 1,450 mm in height. It offers a wheelbase of 3000 mm and stands at a ground clearance of 120 mm (up to 135mm). If and when this car actually hits the road, it will be nothing less than a spectacle.

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